Ziggys Eatery In Melbourne Simply Delivers with OrderUp! and Doshii

Based in Melbourne, Ziggys Eatery is a 2 location passion project of Restaurateur Assaf Stizki & Chef Moshik Ferder. Flipping the best burgers and more since 2012. These dedicated chefs who have more than 40 years experience between them, noticed that there was a gaping hole in the market of quality fast foods and Ziggys Eatery was born.

Earlier this year Ziggys wanted to join the food delivery revolution but did not want to pay a third party to retain the customer details, charge them a commission on each delivery as well as having to have a staff member transcribe each order from a disparate system to their Point of Sale solution (POS). They looked at various delivery platforms but each came with fluctuating fees and a separate tablet that did not plug directly into Ziggys source of truth, their POS system.

Trip Advisor Ziggys Eatery


Some offerings retained the customers’ details away from the Ziggy Eatery database and limited any offers or remarketing campaigns that could occur past the initial sale. Some did not allow the venues to keep their online and offline contacts in the same place making loyalty programs impossible to run. Some offered commission on the sale and an additional charge for the patron for delivery. Some did not allow location fencing which would some distant deliveries to be expensive and compromise the quality of the food.

Enter Order Up! And Doshii.


Assaf says “We decided to forge ahead with OrderUp! and our POS system Impos because we could see the benefits of convenience for our customers”

Now the not-your-average milkbar has elevated their website to take orders from the customer directly to their POS with the Doshii API platform. Their menu can be adjusted in real-time to show exactly what is available and what is not. The customer can decide when placing the order whether they would like to dine-in or have their order delivered and best of all the order is added, paid for and sent to the Ziggys kitchen for preparation without any Ziggy staff member manually duplicating information or waiting for the order payment to be processed by their card machine. The order is processed seamlessly and the customer can decide to keep their payment details on file for future orders.

OrderUp! CEO John Saadie added that the Order Up! platform has built-in CRM so all Ziggy Eatery customers can be retargeted with promotions, special offers or vouchers directly. The geo-fencing feature offered by Order Up! allows Ziggys Eatery to set specific multiple delivery zones taking into account cost and distance (no more cold hot chips!).

Order Up Food Delivery Uber Eats Doshii

When the customer selects their items via the website:http://ziggyseatery.com.au/#order-online they receive a wait time indication of how long the order will take to be completed by the kitchen before they place the order and this leads to a better user experience and eliminates any delays for collecting their food.

John continues, “Thanks to Doshii, adding online ordering will be a seamless experience. Ziggys Eatery can receive orders directly into their POS and control their menu and other configurations, which means more orders and fewer mistakes.”

Ziggys now has access to better reporting on their website orders such as the average value per order/ per day, most popular products ordered and an average number of orders which helps with inventory control and special promotions via orders placed via their website. Both back of house and front of house have benefited with the added functionality and streamlining using technology.

The smooth interface according to Assef Stizki has had a surprising by-product discovered by Ziggys Eatery – they are seeing an increase of returning customers due to the patrons’ payment details being securely kept on file. It has even occurred that a customer has left their wallet at home but having had previously placed orders via the website just logged in and simply paid for their meal while dining-in.

Greg Williams, Doshii GM, says his team is delighted at the integration partnership with OrderUp! “Doshii’s API supports the OrderUp! online ordering system to give venues control over their menu and store settings. They can also promote their brand themselves – instead of using third-party websites – and access detailed reporting. Best of all, they get paid daily via their own online merchant account.”






Assaf has noted that he would do it all again with Order Up! And Doshii.

Contact Doshii today if you would like to get expert advice on integrating to any POS solution using the Doshii platform.



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