Why we created Doshii

Everywhere you look these days, industries are being disrupted by software.  As the famous tech investor Marc Andreessen says ‘Software is eating the world’.  As the image below demonstrates, no industry is safe from the risk of disruption.


The Point of Sale (POS) industry is no different.  Of the 100 or so POS providers in Australia, nearly half of them are what are called ‘Cloud POS’.  Cloud POS, as opposed to the traditional ‘Legacy POS’, have three distinct characteristics – the don’t require a local server (think central computer in the back office, running software that your systems have to connect to); they have open APIs (think of a an open pipe that other apps can connect to to pass data back and forth); and they run on tablets, instead of big, customised computers.  Legacy POS still play an important role in the industry and are a better choice for many kinds of merchants – still, for an industry that was really built on selling hardware, this is a big change.  It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that ‘software is eating the POS industry.’’

For merchants, this is an exciting development, and opens up a world of opportunities.  Generally, it’s cheaper – cloud POS can be purchased and run at a fraction of the cost of legacy POS.  Further, it opens up a whole new world of technology, because through the open API (the data pipe), you can connect all sorts of different apps and technology platforms – ordering, accounting, rostering, loyalty, e-commerce – directly into your POS.

With the dozens of new apps that POS can connect to, the new challenge – for both apps and POS – is how to avoid spending all their time building these connections, so they can still focus on building the best features for their customers.  This is the reason that Doshii was created.  We have built a platform that connects to a range of POS and Apps, so that they only have to integrate into us, and automatically get access to all the Apps and POS on our network.  We help Cloud POS get access to more apps faster, and we help Legacy POS use an open API so they can give their customers access to the same technology partners that a Cloud POS can.

So for apps that are integrated into Doshii – Mobi2Go, Smartordering, Ensemble – they can focus on delivering the best ordering, payment and loyalty platform for their customers, knowing that Doshii will take care of the (frankly boring) POS-integration side of things.  And for merchants on Doshii-certified POS like Impos, H&L and Starrtec, it means that you will be able to choose from a broad range of different apps to help run your business, in the knowledge that they will all work together to make sure that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Ultimately, the success of merchants relies on their ability to get closer to the customer, understand their needs and deliver their goods or services the best way they can.  Through the Collect – Doshii partnership, we aim to do our small part to make this success that much easier to achieve.

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