When Is The Right Time To Start Thinking About Reservations Online?

It’s a Friday night and you’re looking ahead at your venue’s upcoming reservations. Some people emailed in, you’ve already had a few walk-ins and plenty called up last minute, and there’s that one couple that booked through an app you’ve never even heard of. Managing your reservations usually runs smoothly, but there’s always that one lost table or a booking claiming that they requested a few more seats. So, why do you need an online reservation system? You’ve survived so far and a change to your POS and website is more hassle than it’s worth, right? Not if you have the correct tools and know how to use them. Here’s a few reasons why moving your reservations online could save you more time and money.

Get organised

In short, handling your reservations online helps you to track and organize your customers. With an online booking system you can funnel customer booking paths from social media, website traffic, directory sites, and review sites – all to the same place. Give yourself a holistic view, with no more lost bookings or overbooked nights.

Receive bookings while you sleep

Customers don’t work to a schedule. They search for venues at all times of the day and night. Online systems will take bookings outside business hours, and unlike email submission forms, will respond and confirm the booking instantly. This lets your customers book when they’re most excited and emotionally committed – resulting in less no shows.

Add even more value

An inherent part of booking online is your customers providing an email address for confirmation. Most businesses won’t capitalise on this, as entering and maintaining a database is labour intensive and costly. But, by using an online booking system, you will automatically generate a database of already engaged users or warm-leads – providing more worth than hassle.

Get on the front foot

The transition from traditional business services to online services is well and truly here. With mobile browsing leading the pack, customers are expecting more and more from venues. As new hospitality venues open with fully digital capabilities, older venues are left behind with out-of-date functionality. Moving your initial point of contact online will give customers a place where they are used to booking and paying for services.

‘This all sounds great, but moving online is just too hard.’

While other industries have made the leap to online, hospitality has lagged behind, seemingly due to the complexity of installing new systems. We’ve all been presented with digital solutions: iPads, website booking forms, dedicated apps; but they never integrate into our current systems with enough ease. Enter Doshii. The Doshii API facilitates a broad range of functionality, so that no venue ever has to miss out on the latest technology again. It’s been specifically designed to provide seamless integration into any POS, whether cloud or legacy. Built on the cloud, the SSL-secure API provides two-way communication between the POS and any app integrated with Doshii. So there’s no more excuse to not move your reservations online

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