What’s New at Doshii: September 2019

We’re excited to share some great updates about the Doshii platform, highlight some new POS connected Apps and a new member of the Doshii team.

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Doshii September 2019 Update About Doshii for Venues

Learn more about how Doshii helps your venue with the best hospitality Apps all in one place.

We share insights on how Strike Bowling has increased food and beverage spend at their lanes with TabSquare and Doshii. 

The Australian Venue Co.has partnered with Mr Yum and Doshii to take the wait out of ordering at festivals.

We put our own Harry Lee in the spotlight – meet the Doshii team.

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Strike Bowling Bowled Over With TabSquare Results

The Doshii API has led to a 40% increase of  orders placed at Strike Bowling using the convenient TabSquare kiosks. Shannon Grant Funlab Doshii API

Shannon Grant is very pleased with the Doshii API which facilates the processing of the orders directly to the venues POS system. TabSquare kiosks placed at the bowling lanes are proving to be a huge success for players and the Strike Bowling venue. The convenience of being able to order directly to the has lead to more orders being placed and higher revenue but most importantly lead to a better customer experience for the players having a fun night out.

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Venue Spotlight: Doshii and Mr Yum Makes Ordering And Paying FUN At Festivals!

Mr Yum Doshii API

Customers love the seamless ordering experience and where else can you book yourself an igloo in Australia? Mr Yum is innovating how we choose,  order, pay and eat. Mr Yum is being used in more than 50 Australian Venue Co sites. By partnering with Doshii, Mr Yum is now able to to place orders directly with a venues POS, frictionlessly process the payment from the customers own device – making any festival truly festive.

See The Mr Yum Article Here


Introducing Doshii’s – Harry Lee


Warrior of Code, Defender of Love

At Doshii we ?? to share profiles of our team – we are a dedicated group of talented folks, working together to ensure that API projects are perfectly delivered.

Read more about Harry here

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