What’s New at Doshii: July 2018

July has been very exciting for Doshii so far with the continued growth of the Doshii network. New Apps and POS across the ASEAN/APAC regions have signed up and others have completed their certification. The API Platform features have been extended through more suggestions made via the Doshii Community. Our CTO John Twomey has released his latest article on the Best Practices for API Integration.

Doshii image capability changes the game for Payment, Ordering, and Loyalty Apps

Doshii recently announced exciting developments in their image exchange capabilities. Following a live proof of concept release in the Doshii Dashboard in June, the planned expansions to the API will allow venues’ POS and Apps to link images of menu items, venues, and members – improving the customer experience and streamlining the ability for Apps to consume venue imagery from the one Doshii Platform.

Payment, Ordering, and Loyalty Apps all face a common problem: constantly changing menus at venues. Typically, venues follow a time-consuming manual process to update images of menu items across multiple disconnected Apps. Doshii will solve this problem by allowing Apps to retrieve images, in addition to providing the menu name and pricing information. Read More.

This new feature came out of our community forum; you can make your own feature requests right here.

Read the Full Article Here

Doshii Smart Table Integration API

Doshii and Smart Table create frictionless customer experiences for diners

Doshii recently added Smart Table to its portfolio of successful food and beverage industry partners. This ground-breaking App allows customers to order directly from their table via their smart device, without needing a waiter. Orders are sent directly to a venue’s POS via the Doshii API.

Smart Table General Manager Matthew Pustahya says his company’s App helps venues improve their customers’ dine-in experience by placing live ordering in their hands. They simply browse the menu, select meal options and place an order that goes straight to the kitchen.

“Being able to accept and service an order via a single terminal has helped our clients improve their service and efficiency levels dramatically. It’s a game changer for us and our clients,” he says. Find out more here.

Read About Smart Table Here

Triniteq Integration Doshii Apps POS Connected

Doshii-Triniteq integration maximises customer experience, spend, loyalty and insights

Doshii is this month highlighting another POS integration – with Triniteq, a company that specialises in building customisable Point of Sale systems that include an integrated Waiterpad, a fully-featured Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, and Loyalty platforms.

The working relationship is already well underway, with the partners collaborating on a project with a Triniteq client who requires best-practice data mining and analytics capabilities. Doshii is facilitating the flow of data between the Triniteq POS and a specialist data partner to provide this business intelligence.

The Doshii API supports Triniteq’s integrated POS and CRM system and allows maximised customer interactions at every touch point – whether it be front-of-house, back office, online or mobile. Click Here to read more.

Read about Triniteq’s Integration Here


Doshii API Integration Diagram

Latest blog in our CTO’s API Integration series

Doshii CTO John Twomey has created an easy-to-understand blog series covering all aspects of API Integration. The latest one – API Integration Best Practices – highlights a number of challenges that must be overcome when integrating with multiple external APIs, including data modelling, business logic and layering abstractions.

Once you have these in hand, the information that John outlines in his blog will allow easy connectivity to additional external APIs. Click Here to read his full run down.

Learn API Integration Best Practices

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