What’s new at Doshii: April 2018

April has been a busy month at Doshii. App certifications and implementations continue to flow, and there have been some great new features rolled out as a result of collaboration with integrators. This newsletter also highlights our position on data security and expands on the full release of the Doshii Dashboard.


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Greg Williams appointed Doshii GM


Doshii is pleased to announce the appointment of Greg Williams as General Manager. Founder Sean O’Meara says the Board are very impressed with the product and technology advancements made under Greg’s leadership as Head of Product, and this appointment is recognition of the skills and experience he adds to the company.


“Greg has demonstrated an amazing ability to connect with POS and App partners from both a personal and technical perspective,” he adds. “The platform feature set has matured substantially and this has been key in driving Doshii forward.”


Sean mentions that the company will be adding more staff and resources over coming months to support development and product management, given the growing number of Apps and POS that are connecting to the Doshii platform across new geographical markets.


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Doshii Community forum drives new features


Doshii is expanding its order and payment API as a direct result of great collaboration with integrators via the Doshii Community forum. Doshii GM, Greg Williams, says the forum has been invaluable for the product and their partners. “It’s a great source of ideas, it’s helpful for requesting features from the Doshii team and is an important space for discussing and sharing support information”, he says.


The Doshii team are excited about the new features which have grown out of the Community forum. This highlights their openness to suggestions and responsiveness to the constantly changing venue management environment. Here are three new features originating from the Doshii Community forum:


1. POS Initiated Payment workflows


With POS Initiated Payment (PIP), POS initiates a transaction using Terminal ID & Application ID (these are optional). Payment Apps are then notified of the new Transaction requested and may handle the transaction as per the current process.


Join the discussion on PIP via our Community Forum post now.


2. Redemption Codes to support loyalty & payment Apps


Doshii will now also enable POS and Apps to exchange custom data when submitting transaction requests. This allows integrators to include membership IDs, gift-card sequences, voucher, promotion, and authentication codes which may be input manually, scanned (e.g. QR or barcode), or captured directly by Apps.


Join the discussion on Redemption Codes via our Community Forum post now.


3. Pre-ordering for reservations


This feature will allow users to pre-order meals when making a reservation, offering a streamlined experience for those who like to plan ahead. Customers no longer need to be checked-in before ordering.


Join the discussion on Pre-Ordering via our Community Forum post now.


Register for the Community forum


Users need to be registered with our Support & Guide platform to access the Community forum. You can locate the ‘Community’ link quickly and easily in the top right corner of the Support & Guide page. Please contact support@wordpress-250338-1052622.cloudwaysapps.com or sign-up for a free trial if you don’t have access. Read all about it here.


Doshii’s POS-agnostic stance gives integration partners full control of their data


With the ongoing focus on data protection and security in the IT Industry, we’d like to remind you how we approach this vital question. GM Greg Williams explains it like this: “We take great pride in being a neutral, vendor-agnostic integration platform that offers best-practice data security.”


“Our value lies in connecting Apps and POS in real-time via a standardised API,” says Greg. “And our reputation is staked on our vendor-agnostic stance. For instance, we don’t share a integrators’ data with their competitors.”


Greg points out that Doshii has built strict boundaries into their operating environment. In fact, one of the main features of Doshii is that venues are ultimately in control of their data and which Apps are connecting to their venues POS system. “Data isn’t shared with anyone, unless the venue permits,” he says, “and we definitely don’t share any data between POS companies.”


On the Doshii personnel front, access is tightly controlled and is limited to a select group of staff bound by strict confidentiality agreements.


Click here to read more about our data security and privacy policies.


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Doshii API Dashboard full release gives critical info at a glance

After a successful Beta program, the Doshii API Dashboard has now been rolled out as a full release.


Access to the display provides an easy way to manage and monitor all your Doshii integrations from one place in real-time. This provides a valuable window into your integrations, ensuring that they are working smoothly.


6 key Doshii Dashboard 2.0 features


  1. Quickly and easily view and manage all registered venue locations from a single console.
  2. It is built on the same Doshii API as all integrations so data is seen in real-time.
  3. The user-friendly interface allows quick venue onboarding, issue debugging and configuration of new connections.
  4. Easy-to-read, meaningful statistics are presented for monitoring connection points.
  5. Integrated Support & Guide allows easy searching of guide documentation and request enhancements, and accessible Helpdesk support and chat with available agents.
  6. Viewing and simulating requests and responses directly within the dashboard speeds up integration development.


All ongoing feedback is valuable, so please head over to our Community Forum to share any insights, request new features and have your say on others’ suggestions.

To get access to the new Doshii API Dashboard, click here.

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