Everything you need to run your venue. Your way.

Apps power the modern day venue. With so many apps out there, it can be hard to keep track and use them effectively. Doshii simplifies your app world, directly integrated to your POS to power tomorrows venue today.

What challenges does your venue face today?

  • Running multiple apps for ordering and delivery?
  • Manually print receipts for the kitchen?
  • Manually updating menus across apps?
  • Keeping up to date with new technology?
  • Coordinating delivery from website & phone orders?
  • Trying to track your business in new ways?
  • Pivoting with new retail products via web?

Helping you at every point.

Doshii simplifies the chaotic, ever-changing world of apps required to run modern venues, by seamlessly integrating them into existing operations. With Doshii, every online order is sent directly to POS, saving hours of staff labour, and providing venue-owners with total oversight of their business, so they can make smarter decisions in real time.

  • Ordering: Pick up and delivery

    Doshii connects with a range of ordering apps, integrated directly with your POS.
    See Ordering Apps

  • Last-Mile delivery

    Doshii connects and works with a range of delivery & logistics Apps integrated directly with your POS.
    See Last-Mile delivery Apps

  • In-Venue Ordering

    In-venue table ordering Apps connect with Doshii to enable your customers to order with orders sent directly to the POS and order dockets print directly to your existing printers.
    See In-Venue Apps

  • Payments

    Doshii can securely capture payments in real-time at the table or counter, synchronising directly to the POS.
    See Payments Apps

  • Loyalty

    Doshii has partnered with a number of loyalty Apps to promote points and discount based rewards to your customers.
    See Loyalty Apps

  • Reservations

    Understanding customers’ purchase history is easy by connecting reservations with Doshii. Doshii captures and enables SKU level data to be associated with customer spend.
    See Reservations Apps

  • Business Management

    Connect your inventory, analytics, time attendance or rostering Apps to Doshii to understand and consolidate your business performance.
    See Business Management Apps

  • e-Commerce

    Doshii can help you with popular online retail platform plugins & services so sales are synched directly to your physical POS.
    See e-Commerce Apps

Why our customers love Doshii

Doshii saves us time, money and enables our business to operate with multiple apps.

  • “Doshii sends orders from apps directly to the Micros POS which prints them in the kitchen, with no need for staff to physically rekey orders.”

    Chris, CEO, Outback
    Steakhouse AU.
  • “Doshii provides seamless integration, which in turn reduces labour, and improves efficiency and accuracy.”

    Squire's Loft
  • “Harnessing technology like Doshii allows us to focus on what we're actually good at without being distracted by apps and all their ones and zeroes.”

    Mulita BBQ


Ordering & Delivery

$30 per month

Per venue, unlimited apps

Your subscription includes:

  • First 300 orders each month
  • Access to online training guides
  • Australian-based email and phone support
  • 24x7 monitoring and alerts

Extras & add-ons:

  • Additional orders: $0.10 per order
  • Initial setup connecting your POS and apps: FREE*
  • Professional menu set-up: FREE*
  • Business insights (beta): FREE*

Reservations & Business Management

$10 per month

Per venue, per app

Your subscription includes:

  • Access to training guides
  • Australian-based email and phone support
  • 24x7 monitoring and alerts

Extras & add-ons:

  • Initial setup connecting your POS and apps: FREE*

Commonwealth Bank Business Banking customer discount

Receive a 10% discount on your subscription and additional order fees*

All prices displayed are in AUD and exclude GST. *Offer may be varied or withdrawn at any time.