Tips and Tricks Of Easy Menu Management By Doshii

The Doshii Tips and Tricks Of Easy Menu Management

We all know the old adage of first eating with our eyes to be true and this is especially in this digital age where we scroll and select based on a tasty image on our device or at a venue touch screen kiosk. 

For venues, this new format menu can be integrated with a number of in-venue or delivery services using Apps or web platforms that can be accessed by hungry customers. Today a single venue can connect to multiple food distribution partners and for the venue may lead to higher level of menu management being required.

Doshii offers venues some tips and tricks in helping make menu management being less onerous and requiring less effort and time spent on updating or modifying the venues’ menu.


Tip 1 – Manage your menu from one place – the Doshii dashboard

Previously if there was a change to be made to a product for sale, the venue would have to call or submit a support ticket with the App or web platform. The App customer service team would then sign into their management portal and make the modification. The venue would then be contacted and confirmation of the change would be acknowledged. The simple request to remove a product, attach a modifier to an item or adjust the price could take in some cases several days to be completed between the venue and the App provider.

With Doshii, both the venue and App can now make adjustments to their menus in real-time, eliminating the need to rely on drawn-out communications to make simple changes.


Tip 2 – Find One Product But Make Changes Across Multiple Apps

Using Doshii means that all updates made on the venues Point of Sale will flow through to the App, ensuring that the venue is in control of their menu and makes the POS the venues source of truth.

Within the Doshii portal the venue can use the universal search feature to easily find the menu item they would like to change. Venue management can instantly view item, with all pricing derived from the POS in real-time.  The venue can change the item from the menu, adjust the item price,  and modify the item description – this can be done across one or multiple Apps.  You’re in control.

This easy to navigate dashboard further provides the venue with useful insights into the number of transactions via the App and is the single source of truth between the venue POS and App.


Tip 3 – Curate Your Own Menu – Easy

Third party menu curation services can utilise the Doshii Dashboard and menu management functionality quickly and easily.  The venues existing menu can be easily be exported allowing optimisation of menu configuration with the ability to edit product descriptions, bulk price updates, applying menu modifiers or substitute items to that menu item. This export can categorise items and make menu management simple for third parties to elevate the existing menu.


Tip 4 – Make It Pretty & Easy with Images From One Place

Multiple images can be added to a single product to be allocated to different Apps – this is especially helpful to a venue, if a product needs to be displayed as a portrait/landscape or square shape or size. Managing images in one central place reduces the time a venue has to access the different apps and web-platforms.


Tip 5 – Safe, Secure, Simple

User access to the Doshii platform is role-based and has an audit log accessible by Doshii which can show who made which changes by date. App Developers can see their venue clients on one platform and access both their POS data and the venue menu easily, and the venue themselves.



With menu management Doshii is able to save venues and apps time and effort by making their menu changes simple to access for both the app and their customer. Simplifying the export of current menu data in an accessible format, ensuring that POS changes are sent to the App via Doshii and being able to provide an audit log of modifications makes menu management quick, easy and seamless. 

Tell us about your venue and we’ll provide you with the perfect connection, seamlessly


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