Tayble now connects to your Hospitality POS Software, saving labour costs and increasing spend per head

Dining out is an Australian tradition and more people than ever before are going to cafes, pubs, restaurants and fast food outlets. However, despite their love of eating out, many people hate having to wait to order and pay. Doshii has joined forces with Tayble, an app that makes eating out fast and simple, enabling customers to order and pay for their food directly from their table via their smartphones – with all orders sent directly to a venue’s POS Software system utilising the Doshii integration


How does Tayble work?

Tayble Features - Doshii POS Software Integration

Tayble is a hospitality app for people who love to order, but hate to wait. Customers can order, pay and eat without leaving their seats. Once customers are inside a restaurant, they can place an order within seconds using their phones. The ordering and payment app only shows the correct menu for the time of day, and eliminates unavailable items so orders are always correct. The app provides customers with updates on the status of their meal and are automatically processed, securely and instantly using their card.


What are the benefits of Tayble for venues?

Tayble Benefits - Doshii POS Software System Integration

Tayble has a wealth of benefits, for venues and consumers. The app releases stress on often over-burdened staff, as they spend less time taking orders and walking to and from the kitchen, and instead are able to concentrate on other areas of the service, such as making drinks and serving meals – and more importantly providing exceptional experiences for customers.


Over 200 venues are currently pre-registered to go live with Tayble following successful results with pilot venues across Sydney & Melbourne. Tayble co-founder and all-round good guy, Chris McCarney explains, ‘Customers are spending 28% more money in these venues and there has been a 33% decrease in the amount of time customers are spending at restaurants. This means venues are serving more people, who spend more money, in less time.’


What are the benefits of the Doshii App to POS Software integration?

Tayble Doshii POS Software Integration
Sean O’Meara – Doshii CEO (Left) and Chris McCarney – Tayble Co-Founder (Right)

Once a customer places an order, the POS system has the option to display a notification to the waiter who can confirm the order, before the POS prints the orders to the kitchen or drinks printers – just like any other order entered at the till. Overall, this makes workflows even easier for staff members.


‘Not only does this integration improve workflows and provide benefits to venues and their customers it also provides Doshii certified POS systems yet another app to provide to their existing and potential customers – it’s a win for everyone involved!’ Explains Sean O’Meara, CEO & founder of Doshii.


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In conclusion

It’s clear this new integration will open up so many possibilities for venues using Tayble. Not only will the integration improve the quality and efficiency of the service on offer, it is a great way to assist venues to provide further technology advancements to their consumers. Tayble plans to be live with Doshii certified POS venues in October throughout Sydney, with Australia wide roll-out anticipated mid November, so why not try out Tayble for yourself? To sign up with the Doshii integration, contact us today or sign up below!

Tayble Integration

Last week Doshii released news of a new reservation app integration with Obee, read about it here. Keep an eye out for our upcoming case study on the pilot release with global reservations platform, OpenTable, with Doshii certified POS software

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