Doshii provides more than just seamless app integration

When Squires Loft in Geelong and Torquay decided to integrate their apps with Doshii it was seamless, improving and simplifying their business in more ways than one.

Squires Loft connects to Doshii

Doshii doesn’t just simplify app integration. It keeps track of multiple types of data, which provides restaurant owners with the insights they need to make smarter calls on how to run their business. This is something Scott from the Squires Loft venues in both Geelong and Torquay recently discovered. 

Six months ago, Scott decided to streamline his businesses with Doshii. He connected OrderUp! as his online ordering platform, ImposPlus as his core POS system, and Tanda to take care of the rostering.  

The hook-up was a breeze. As Scott explains, “The team at Doshii are always informative and provide structured, planned implementation and problem solving. They’re always willing to assist us to operate a more efficient business.”

Today, Scott’s staff are processing 100 takeaway orders and 250 dine-in customers a night.  “Doshii provides seamless integration, which in turn reduces labour, and improves efficiency and accuracy,” Scotty says.

But the benefits don’t end there. In addition to simplifying the chaotic, ever-changing world of apps, Doshii also provides detailed, easy-to-access data about business operations, leading to smarter decisions and increased revenue.

For example, Doshii displays labour costs as a percentage of revenue in real time. Having that kind of information at his fingertips allows Scott to make smarter decisions about staffing by eliminating the burden of finicky, manual number-crunching. And with less on his plate, Scott now has more time to focus on what’s on his customers’.

Doshii can help you connect your ImposPLUS POS to a world of Apps to drive revenue and reduce costs. If you want to find out how we can help you and your venue, get in touch with Doshii directly at

Digital ordering made simple for Outback Steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse has turned to Doshii to help streamline its digital ordering process and integrate its digital ordering apps with its POS, meaning more time for staff to focus on what matters: juicy steaks.

Like many restaurant operators, Outback Steakhouse CEO Chris Noble has spent the past couple of years investigating new technology to streamline his business processes and uncover new growth opportunities. For a modern restaurant, this usually means more apps. But while apps can provide solutions, they can also create their own problems — especially if a business needs to integrate several just to stay on top of things.

One of the biggest challenges is the inevitable double-handling of customer orders. Over the course of one shift, staff can waste valuable hours manually re-entering orders into the Micros POS  after receiving them via OrderUp! – a web based in-venue ordering and delivery app. 

Pre-COVID-19, Outback Steakhouse’s eight venues collectively received around 3,500 orders via apps per month. Chris and his team calculated the labour cost of manually re-entering these orders into their in-house POS at 80 cents per order. Which means Outback Steakhouse was wasting around $2,800 per month just retyping customer orders. And as app orders are only increasing across the industry as a new normal post Covid-19 kicks in, so too will these costs.

But not with Doshii. 

“Doshii sends orders from apps directly to the Micros POS which prints them in the kitchen, with no need for staff to physically rekey orders;” Chris explains, “Time and money saved!”

This is a huge win for efficiency. Doshii has also enabled the use of Digital Menu Management (DMM) so the venue’s operators can now centrally manage their menu across all apps. 

“If only we were aware of Doshii earlier,” Chris adds. “We have been thrilled with the results.”

Doshii can help you connect your Micros POS to a world of Apps to drive revenue and reduce costs, if you want to find out how we can help you and your venue, get in touch with Doshii directly at

What’s New at Doshii: October 2019

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October 2019 Update

Doshii loves venues and we are working with our partners and customers to bring solutions to everyday hospitality problems, seamlessly.

Our API management platform interfaces with essential Apps and hospitality platforms – leading venues to embrace real-time analytics, reservations, mobile payments, ordering, loyalty and more.

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