Doshii signs up three more POS partners

Australian hospitality POS and app middleware platform Doshii has signed on three additional Point of Sale (POS) partners, giving more venues the opportunity to cut through the app chaos and streamline their operating systems.

The three new partners – Abacus, Splitability, and MSL (SwiftPOS and Infogenesis) – will provide their merchant customers with direct access to Doshii’s growing range of ordering, delivery, reservation, loyalty program, payment, rostering and other business apps.

Doshii CEO, Justin O’Donnell said the partnerships will make it easier for venues to manage and maximise the performance of their online channels.

“These new partnerships will soon enable over 10,000 additional hospitality businesses to use Doshii to evaluate, connect and manage a range of hospitality specific Apps needed to run an efficient modern day operation, connected directly with their existing POS system,” Justin said.

“Doshii effectively creates an integrated ‘one-stop-shop’ for a range of Apps from  delivery and in-venue ordering, business management, data, and customer loyalty programs with venues’ POS system.

“Doshii technology and dashboard offers features and tools, reducing labour costs involved with rekeying orders, and helps minimise mistakes that lead to product wastage, excessive costs and unhappy customers – driving benefit directly back to merchants.

“Ultimately, improving revenue, reducing operational costs and increasing efficiency.”

Justin said the new partnership is a win/win for all involved by reducing development, maintenance and support expenses for POS and app partners by leveraging the Doshii technology along with 24/7 monitoring and proactive support.

“Our growing app and POS partnerships is and will be a continued focus for Doshii to provide connectivity to merchants enabling them to better serve the increasingly tech-savvy consumer experience – and happy customers lead to a more successful hospitality business,” he said.

“Doshii also has a menu management system to allow venue operators to manage their menus across multiple Apps. All styles of hospitality operators will benefit from less time managing menus across multiple apps – we are investing heavily in continued product development in Doshii”

“We have experienced unprecedented uptake following last year’s COVID-19 restrictions, largely due to Doshii’s ability to help venues seamlessly ‘tech up’ and allow businesses to focus on what they’re actually good at – be it making and serving burgers or mixing cocktails – without distraction or delay.”

Doshii’s growing partnerships with POS vendors venues will enable more venues to connect directly to a range of apps such as Deliveroo, HungryHungry, Mr Yum, OrderUp and Mobi2Go and me&u, through to reservations apps including OpenTable and Resy, to name a few.

Justin said as venue operators emerged from COVID-enforced lockdowns, they were increasingly looking for ways to efficiently increase their revenue streams, reducing labour cost, and ultimately serve customers quicker.