New API Support & Guide platform from Doshii

New API Support & Guide platform from Doshii


Since 2015, the team at Doshii has been creating and developing API services for integration. Our aim is to make communication between Point of Sale systems and Apps easier, creating a simple and secure experience for customers. However, our new platform, ‘Support & Guide‘ provides an even greater experience for our clients and we’re pleased to confirm its launch. Click here to access our API Support team and/or Documentation or click the chat window below to contact support.

Support & Guide Platform


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What’s new?

The new platform enables all Doshii users to chat with our team members directly from any of our other platforms: Doshii Website, Dashboard, Support & Guide. This means all users have even greater access to our experienced support team if they require any assistance, and we will be able to respond to your inquiries quickly.


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Users also have the opportunity to search across all articles, including FAQs, the API Guide, and our Community Forums. We never stop looking for ways to improve our platform, which is why we believe user feedback is so important. This is why the new API Support & Guide platform also allows users to contribute to, vote and comment on feature and article requests.


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One of our core aims is to ensure we deliver real value, and we work closely with our partners to guarantee we achieve this. For this reason, our new API integration guide allows users to see linked articles and automatically suggested further reading about managing integration issues all in one place.

One of our strengths at Doshii is teamwork, and when you partner with us you become a part of the family. That’s why with our new platform, we’re trying to make accessing important integration documents and API support guides even easier. Want to know how to subscribe or unsubscribe from a location? Do you need to know how to update menus or gain access to your API reference? Our new support platform puts the answers to all of your questions in one easy and accessible place.

Developers can also search our knowledge base to find the answers to any questions they have, with only relevant results being showcased on the results page. You can also see examples of API requests and responses and transfer these over to your own business.


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Our new Support & Guide platform further emphasises our desire to ensure all Doshii users have a smooth and secure experience when using our platform. Contact the team today to learn more.

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