Coca-Cola Amatil invests in Doshii’s future

Doshii is extremely pleased to announce that it has received the first investment made by Coca-Cola Amatil’s corporate venture programme, Amatil X which is a multimillion-dollar program set up to identify and invest in innovative growth opportunities outside of Amatil’s core beverages business.

Chris Sullivan, Coca-Cola Amatil Group Director of Partners & Growth, said Amatil X’s minority share investment will support Doshii to grow and expedite their planned expansion into the Asia-Pacific region and South Africa.

“Amatil X was launched in April to explore opportunities for growth outside of our core business and beyond innovation in beverages. This includes investing in companies like Doshii, which is using an innovative, scalable technology solution to solve a challenge facing many of our customers. The ability to seamlessly integrate App and POS technology will help hospitality venues meet the increasing expectations of their customers by offering a better experience.”

Coca-Cola Amatil Invests in Doshii

With a series of ongoing local and international integrations under its belt, Doshii continues to demonstrate how it helps businesses seamlessly manage the soaring number of ordering, payment, loyalty and reservation apps. More than 130 POS systems exist across Australia alone, and it’s technically impossible for this high number of POS to connect to continually expanding number Apps needing to connect.

Doshii solves this problem by allowing any POS or App to connect to its platform via a standardised API. This leaves the responsibility for integration and communication to Doshii and allows App and POS developers to focus on building great products, instead of trying to manage hundreds of potential integrations.

Greg Williams, Doshii General Manager, says of the investment: “Doshii is extremely proud of the confidence shown in us by Coca-Cola Amatil and looks forward to partnering with them. They bring a wealth of local and international connections, including strategic relationships with App and POS developers.”

“Software developers and businesses across multiple sectors, including hospitality and retail, are investing time, money and effort trying to keep up with the growing number of Apps being developed for consumers. This eats up valuable time that could be better spent on business priorities, or their next bright idea.

“Since our launch, we have worked to address this gap in such a way that developers, businesses and consumers all win. We are the logical integration platform for Apps and POS and have been tried and tested in the marketplace. We are here for the long term and will continue to add new Apps and POS as we focus on our vision of delivering better services to the hospitality and retail industries,” he adds.

“What we have achieved since 2015 is amazing and Coca-Cola Amatil will help expedite our future plans. We have recently signed integrations with POS companies across Southeast Asia and are set to deliver implementations over the coming months. We are also in active discussions with various Apps from ordering, loyalty and digital payments across APAC and South Africa.

Doshii’s Dashboard and Doshii Analytics lie at the heart of the company’s POS-agnostic platform. It allows Apps, and both legacy and cloud POS, to seamlessly integrate through its simple, easy-to-use technology, which facilitates real-time data exchange.

Coca-Cola Amatil invests in Doshii
Chris Sullivan – Coca-Cola Amatil Group Director of Partners & Growth, Sean O’Meara – Doshii CEO and Founder, and Greg Williams Doshii General Manager

Coca-Cola Amatil’s minority share investment in Doshii will help the company reach more hospitality businesses, restaurants and cafes across Australia and expedite their planned expansion into Southeast Asia, the Asia-Pacific region and South Africa. As part of the agreement, Chris Sullivan will take a seat on Doshii’s Board.


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