5 Signs Your Venue Should Invest in Technology

If you aren’t in touch with the changing landscape of technology in the modern hospitality world, chances are you’re losing opportunities to your competition. Doshii is listing the issues (with corresponding solutions) you might be facing if you haven’t stepped onto the road of digital transformation yet.

If these issues keep appearing at your venue then these are the 5 signs your venue should invest in technology to improve business quickly.

As patrons are becoming increasingly tech-savvy, hospitality technologies remain the new frontier for venues, bars and restaurants.

Doshii API Connecting Good Service Apps

1. Your venue isn’t known for providing the best guest experiences

If your venue is not providing a seamless guest experience you may not be getting much return patronage. If all a visitor finds is barriers at their cost (time, money and effort) then they will not be coming back, nor recommending you to their friends and family. Being able to make a reservation, order, pay and leave a helpful review from their mobile device may seem like having less person-to-person contact with the customer, but going mobile has been proven to free up staff to provide better service to the guest.

Being able to order In-venue also allows the guest to view the dishes, eliminate ingredients they may not like, apply dietary preferences like vegan or vegetarian and provide feedback directly from their table. Venues can also pair wines to dishes or upsell, cross-sell and promote a dish via this technology directly to their device. When it’s time to depart, guests can split the bill, pay and thank the server on the way out for providing a frictionless, uninterrupted visit. 

Doshii In-venue ordering App

2. You struggle with everyday operational issues – Every. Day.

Hospitality technologies ensure enhanced guest experiences, increased employee productivity, and improved operating efficiency.

Venue management and staff have to deal with multiple issues almost daily, including reservations management, inventory management, table management, staff rosters, front office, point of sale system reconciliation with delivery services, customer loyalty programs, marketing campaigns, back-of-house analytics, and much more. As a result of these complexities, many venues have started adopting digital innovations in order to ensure smoother operational functions.

With the help of digital services, cloud-based web-platforms and Apps, venues are able to put into place a solution that leads to better efficiencies within the enterprise and can especially identify opportunities for streamlining, cross-selling and optimising to maximize revenues. 

Technology also helps employees handle all facets of hospitality supervision, including reservation status updates, queuing, and dispensing services. Thanks to digitalization, venue management can easily see real-time data on their bookings, billing and with advances in technology can more easily run food and beverage operations, improve business performance with insightful reporting, and increase overall efficiency and guest satisfaction.

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3. Your venue isn’t able to attract a wider audience

Travellers, these days, are using technology to look and book their next trip, entertainment and meal at local venues, pubs, restaurants and hotels. As per Global Digital Travel Sales by eMarketer, “In 2018 digital travel sales worldwide increased by 10.4% to reach $694.41 billion”.

By being easily found and maintaining a steady stream of reservations and enquiries you will be able to grow your guest list with targeted promotions and marketing campaigns. There are many tools that are able to capture your guests’ email addresses and mobile numbers putting you directly in contact with them. There are Apps which can capture traffic when the potential guest is within a certain distance of your venue. Your CRM system will be able to let you know when a guest event is coming up – like a birthday and your venue could invite them in with a proposition or an offer such as a free drink or bonus dessert.

Search engine marketing, social media integration, and email marketing are a few more examples of digital services that entice today’s guests.

Reservation API Doshii

4. You’re not able to drive a significant amount of direct bookings

No longer is a sign on the street and an “Open” sign on the door enough to bring in guests – most guests now read up to 5 reviews of a restaurant before placing the reservation. Using reservation platforms that flow directly to your point of sale system will help you be able to ascertain exactly where the bulk of your revenue source is derived from. 

Having accurate information on your google business listing like venue address, opening times and a direct website URL will help customers find you and make a booking. Reservation platforms like Resi and Frolo can also be utilised to bring more guests to your venue. Social media is a useful tool to reach those audiences which might not have heard of you and the targeting can be very specific and localised.

Using data and analytics tools venues can enhance guest satisfaction by providing a seamless experience. Additionally, these programs have also helped venues closely monitor the guest cycle by collecting data on specific guest preferences, locations, and behaviors, which helps in providing personalized services to the guests in the future.

5. You’re not able to maintain a positive online reputation

Being able to refute negative reviews and limit reputation damage is important as you don’t want to become known as “that” venue with “that” incident. Going viral for the wrong reason can be devastating to a venue. Having a procedure in place to monitor and react to negative comments, reviews or complaints quickly and efficiently is a cornerstone to being able to provide good customer service and reduce damage to your venues hard-earned reputation. Customer loyalty programs like Beam Wallet are able to quickly collect and report customer experiences directly to you once a customer has paid. Hospitality venues live and die by reviews and social proof so managing your reputation online is imperative to gaining future business.

Investing in an online reputation management tool is useful for every hospitality business. An efficient rating index tool will take available rating sources from across the web and use an algorithm to aggregate them, thereby providing a dependable and impartial score.


Take your venue from hidden gem to high demand.

All these issues have a solution via the Doshii App Marketplace, by connecting directly to your venues POS you will be able to improve your operational flow and make better decisions based on real-time data. Doshii provides hospitality venues with a wealth of Apps that can assist with reservations, bookings, staff rosters, payments, menu management, in-venue ordering, delivery services, loyalty programs, marketing campaigns, inventory management and analytics. 

Learn which Apps can bring you more with Doshii


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How In-Venue Ordering Is Changing The Hospitality Industry

The Waiters And Customers Love The Convenience 

Like any industry that has been disrupted by technology in the last decade, the hospitality industry is embracing the benefits that come with digital change. Being able to pre-order or view a venues’ menu digitally before arriving can greatly assist the incoming guest who is time-poor and convenience-driven. 

There are also direct advantages for venues by meeting their guests’ expectations such as speeding up their own order processing, integrating between the point of sale (POS) and kitchen, bar and service areas can streamline the operational flow of the venue, saving on foot traffic and double entry of orders. Venue management can gain better real-time reporting insights, better control over their inventory, human capital, shift rostering and less time spent being reactive but becoming proactive.

From Menu Management To Staff Onboarding – There’s an App For That!

Connectivity is the secret to securely managing all aspects of hospitality. Gone are the days of a paper stock sheet or clock-in card for wait staff to sign in on. Today the inventory is decremented upon use, facial recognition software installed on the employee’s phone or venue’s tablet logs them in and automatically works out their contribution or cost to revenue in real-time. Notifications can be sent to let the manager know that a staff member did not arrive for their shift or if there is an oversupply of staff at a particular time based on a trend.

Payments can be taken from digital wallets directly to the venues POS without patrons having to leave the table or wait at the register. Staff are freed up to do what they do best – providing great service to the customers. Customers can access the venue’s reservations portal, decide to dine in or order a takeaway. Venues can choose to deliver the order via a number of delivery partners and not have to worry about the laborious task of reconciling at the end of the month. Using AI and the venues’ own POS data in real-time it can be determined which food delivery provider is providing the most value and revenue to the venue.

Bring Your Customers Back – With Social Proof and Loyalty Programs

The improved venue experience can lead to patrons joining the venue’s digital loyalty program, which is a cost-effective tool for running promotions, special offers and retargeting former patrons when they are in the local area. Also, gift cards can be digitally redeemed at the venue and ensure that returning customers can promote the venue to their friends – communicating with a reward is a great way to drum up business.

Doshii curates a marketplace of Apps and web-platforms that makes running a modern hospitality business as easy as 1-2-3. The Doshii platform is able to connect Apps seamlessly and securely to the venues’ POS solution and there is no need for additional hardware or training.

The Doshii Marketplace Apps are growing:

Pick Up and Delivery







In-Venue Ordering


Mr Yum







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OpenTable and POS Integration Innovating Business Growth

OpenTable is the pioneer and global leader in online restaurant reservations and reservation management space. Since 1998, OpenTable has been powering great dining experiences around the world through restaurant technology, and have become experts in helping restaurants run and grow their businesses, with decades of real-world experience informing everything that they do.

The OpenTable network includes more than 43,000 restaurants around the world; seating 23 million diners via online reservations every month; diners that eat out frequently and tend to eat more.

Designed to help restaurants flourish, OpenTable’s GuestCenter is a native iPad, iPhone and cloud-based restaurant platform that delivers capabilities to venue partners including reservation management, guest data management, inventory optimisation, lightning-fast in-shift tools for floor management, data insights, and much more.

Opentable Integration

GuestCenter also empowers owners with powerful data insights and restaurant management capabilities from the GuestCenter manager app; delivering streamlined mobile capabilities to modern restaurants that don’t always have a static host stand or that want a more updated, sleek method to greet guests besides a clunky laptop. GuestCenter helps restaurants to fully maximise supply when demand is high and to deliver superior customer service consistently and efficiently.

Doshii integration with OpenTable

Through the Doshii enabled OpenTable POS integration with GuestCenter, restaurant owners can connect the dots between reservations and revenue. This provides huge value to the venues that are using the OpenTable product. Sean O’Meara CEO at Doshii notes, ‘We are particularly excited by our first stage integration with OpenTable – which pushes per party and per cover check averages directly to the restaurant owner or GM’s phone via the GuestCenter app. 



Existing feature benefits fall under 2 categories:

  1. Mobile Reporting: Real-time Revenue Reporting on your iPhone or iPad
    – View Per cover and per party check averages
    – Compare any shift’s revenue to the same shift’s historical average
  2. POS-triggered table status updates keep hosts informed of which tables have paid their checks. No need to run around the restaurant, it’s all displayed in the app.
    – More automatic table statuses are coming soon including Entree Served & Check dropped

By being able to access real-time revenue data, the POS API Integration provides restaurateurs with an accurate evaluation of how their restaurant is performing daily, weekly or even on a shift-by-shift basis.


Lisa Hasen from OpenTable explains this concept in more depth: “POS integration provides restaurateurs with a seamless way to understand and action their business financials, through the GuestCenter Manager app installed on their Android or iPhone. This utilises POS data to connect the dots between reservations and revenue, empowering restaurateurs to act with insight, to make quantitative, informed decisions and to manage staffing more efficiently. Moreover, during busy shifts when diners are waiting to be seated, the auto-update of “paid” table status on GuestCenter iPad signals the host to action and results in faster wait list seating and happier diners.”


Doshii via its relationship with Omnivore will continue to benefit from ongoing product updates including additional table statuses pushed to GuestCenter and more.  

To find out more about Doshii POS API integration with OpenTable’s GuestCenter Manager app, watch this YouTube video:


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Tayble now connects to your Hospitality POS Software, saving labour costs and increasing spend per head

Dining out is an Australian tradition and more people than ever before are going to cafes, pubs, restaurants and fast food outlets. However, despite their love of eating out, many people hate having to wait to order and pay. Doshii has joined forces with Tayble, an app that makes eating out fast and simple, enabling customers to order and pay for their food directly from their table via their smartphones – with all orders sent directly to a venue’s POS Software system utilising the Doshii integration


How does Tayble work?

Tayble Features - Doshii POS Software Integration

Tayble is a hospitality app for people who love to order, but hate to wait. Customers can order, pay and eat without leaving their seats. Once customers are inside a restaurant, they can place an order within seconds using their phones. The ordering and payment app only shows the correct menu for the time of day, and eliminates unavailable items so orders are always correct. The app provides customers with updates on the status of their meal and are automatically processed, securely and instantly using their card.


What are the benefits of Tayble for venues?

Tayble Benefits - Doshii POS Software System Integration

Tayble has a wealth of benefits, for venues and consumers. The app releases stress on often over-burdened staff, as they spend less time taking orders and walking to and from the kitchen, and instead are able to concentrate on other areas of the service, such as making drinks and serving meals – and more importantly providing exceptional experiences for customers.


Over 200 venues are currently pre-registered to go live with Tayble following successful results with pilot venues across Sydney & Melbourne. Tayble co-founder and all-round good guy, Chris McCarney explains, ‘Customers are spending 28% more money in these venues and there has been a 33% decrease in the amount of time customers are spending at restaurants. This means venues are serving more people, who spend more money, in less time.’


What are the benefits of the Doshii App to POS Software integration?

Tayble Doshii POS Software Integration
Sean O’Meara – Doshii CEO (Left) and Chris McCarney – Tayble Co-Founder (Right)

Once a customer places an order, the POS system has the option to display a notification to the waiter who can confirm the order, before the POS prints the orders to the kitchen or drinks printers – just like any other order entered at the till. Overall, this makes workflows even easier for staff members.


‘Not only does this integration improve workflows and provide benefits to venues and their customers it also provides Doshii certified POS systems yet another app to provide to their existing and potential customers – it’s a win for everyone involved!’ Explains Sean O’Meara, CEO & founder of Doshii.


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In conclusion

It’s clear this new integration will open up so many possibilities for venues using Tayble. Not only will the integration improve the quality and efficiency of the service on offer, it is a great way to assist venues to provide further technology advancements to their consumers. Tayble plans to be live with Doshii certified POS venues in October throughout Sydney, with Australia wide roll-out anticipated mid November, so why not try out Tayble for yourself? To sign up with the Doshii integration, contact us today or sign up below!

Tayble Integration

Last week Doshii released news of a new reservation app integration with Obee, read about it here. Keep an eye out for our upcoming case study on the pilot release with global reservations platform, OpenTable, with Doshii certified POS software

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The 3 big benefits to hospitality venues of Obee and Doshii’s POS integration

Bespoke service at a restaurant is the best it’s ever been – or so you thought. POS Integration company Doshii has joined forces with online reservations platform Obee to make eating out the most personalized and straightforward service yet.

POS integration API - Obee Doshii


  1. Unrivalled in-house service


A huge benefit of this integration is having knowledge of a guest’s purchases in the past, meaning restaurant owners can cater to individual needs before their diners even arrive. Got a customer who likes a specific wine with their meal? You’ll be prepared to recommend your best to them when they get there and. And for those who often spend more or tip more than the average customer, why not offer them a better table and any specials they often enjoy?


Restaurant owners will no longer have to manually track this effort, they will have instant on-demand access to this knowledge because Doshii will record POS (Point Of Sale) purchases in the Obee app. This provides a direct interface between POS transactions and the Obee Reservation platform. With detailed knowledge of every customer’s preferences, it’s easier than ever to take service to the next level. Thanks to the integration you can now plan for your guest’s visit and give them the personal touch they so obviously deserve.


  1. A technological turning point


Another massive benefit of the new alliance between Obee and Doshii is the fact that Doshii allows Obee to interact with multiple POS systems. This is a problem Obee and many other Hospitality Apps have been striving to overcome for years, with many restaurant owners requesting POS Integration. By standardising the integration practice of countless POS technologies, Doshii has paved the way for Obee to store detailed customer data across the 700 plus restaurants currently using the app. This represents an enormous technological stride forwards which could be utilized by many other fine-dining establishments looking for a way to personalize their service on a mass scale with ease.


  1. Personalized marketing


Restaurants can now give their guests the personal touch when they’re not even in-house. How? Thanks to the new integration, knowledge about client’s tastes and preferences will be stored online instead of with the guy who left two months ago, meaning eatery owners can give their guests marketing campaigns to make their mouths water.


Seafood fanatics can be sent this week’s catch of the day to remind them what they’re missing out on, and those who enjoy a few bottles of wine on a Wednesday can be made aware of the specials on drinks next Friday to encourage them to pop in more often. This is all made possible through the integration tying sales to customers, allowing restaurant owners to give their guests a personalized marketing campaign with simplicity.


In conclusion

It’s clear this integration allows restaurants to better understand their customers and provide a better quality of service, which will encourage a lot of repeat business at their venue. It allows restaurants to better understand their clients.

This one integration enables Obee to connect with a number of POS systems. And for any POS connected to Doshii to be automatically connected to Obee reservation. This satisfies their customers frequent request for POS integration without the need for a manual integration with each one. Individual integrations with each POS would not make sense for Obee or most other apps in the hospitality industry as they would need to manually integrate and maintain each integration over time.

The pilot date for the new integration is mid-November, and we’re certainly looking forward to eating out!


‘Very pleased to be working with Owen and the guys at Obee who have an amazing client base and a tailored product. Obee always look to provide the best possible software for their venues, proven again by utilizing the full extent of the Doshii reservations integration. The guys at Obee work very closely across all their venues to ensure the product fits with the business requirements.’ Sean O’Meara | Doshii CEO


‘We’re excited to announce our Doshii – Obee integration with live in-venue trials scheduled for mid November. Doshii solves a massive pain point for Obee by standardising the way we integrate with multiple POS providers running different platforms and technologies. Venues running Obee are going to see a great deal of value from this integration in the way of better service for their guests, gaining detailed analytical insights and from a marketing perspective running segmented and personalised campaigns.’ – Owen Parry | Obee Founder


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