Doshii-Mimu integration brings simple, 3-step ordering-ahead to busy bars

Doshii is pleased to announce another successful integration. The latest is with mobile App, Mimu, which is helping transform the way we order food and drink in bars and restaurants. Mimu eliminates time spent waiting to order by letting patrons order ahead from their mobile phone.

To start the ordering process, customers simply open the Mimu App and their location is automatically picked up. Using Mimu’s intuitive UI, they then order what they want from the venue’s menu and head straight to online checkout – paying through the Mimu App.

Doshii’s API, which connects Apps with POS, then processes the order and payment in real-time and alerts staff at the venue to prepare the order.  Once the drink or food is ready, the staff member simply activates the ‘awaiting pick up’ signal and the patron is alerted. They then simply walk up to the designated Mimu collection area to collect their order or have it delivered to their table if the venue provides this service.

Doshii GM, Greg Williams, says we can all relate to the frustration of waiting to order and pay for drinks and food at a busy bar. “Mimu removes the need to queue,” he says. “This means we get to relax and spend more time chatting to friends and family. Mimu’s simple, three-step process will make our time at bars, in particular, so much more enjoyable.”

Andrew Jones, Mimu Co-founder and Director, says “integration with Doshii allows Mimu to offer venues a seamless ordering, payment and back-end reconciliation process, helping deliver even greater benefits to them.

“Our partnership with Doshii removes the need to queue, transact over a bar or till and the hassle normally associated with ordering drinks or food. This fits in perfectly with our mission to encourage people to frequent the on-premise scene by improving their experience of ordering and paying for food and drink in a vibrant, safe and hassle-free environment,” he adds.

Venues benefit from increased customer satisfaction and spend, as well as increased return patronage and a reduction in payment risks and errors. Venues also receive all their user data as part of their subscription to support loyalty and advertising programmes that can also be driven through Mimu.

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To contact Mimu, email, phone (041) 3580496, or visit their website.


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Deliveroo partners with Doshii to bring down restaurant costs

Doshii is excited to announce a significant integration with leading food company Deliveroo. The partnership will streamline the processing of orders and make the delivery of Australia’s favourite restaurant foods to customers’ doors even more seamless.

Restaurants who partner with Deliveroo can utilise Doshii’s API to connect customer ordering direct to their POS. This eliminates the need for restaurants to manually process orders that come through the Deliveroo app. Doshii’s platform will be available to the more than 10,000 restaurants that partner with Deliveroo across Australia and to POS vendors as the preferred platform to connect to Deliveroo.

Deliveroo orders typically take around 90 seconds for restaurants to manually enter and process. The Doshii-Deliveroo integration will provide significant savings by allowing restaurants to focus their efforts and resources on front-of-house operations, reducing errors and making it even easier and quicker for staff to process orders. It will also help eliminate costly mistakes during the double handling and manual entry of the order from Deliveroo to the POS system.

Integrating directly with the POS will also remove the need for restaurants to reconcile between the Deliveroo App and the POS. This creates further time efficiencies for restaurants and their staff, who may have multiple order ahead apps that all need to be reviewed and matched up at the end of the month.

Doshii founder and CEO, Sean O’Meara, explains: “Doshii is more than just connectivity of Apps to venues’ POS systems. The platform and marketplace of Apps are designed to allow venue operators to select, trial and evaluate Apps to suit their business, all connected to their POS.

“The addition of Deliveroo to our growing number of connected Apps is extremely exciting, and fits with our expansion goals of providing a common platform to connect Apps to POS for the hospitality and retail markets in Australia and across Asia.”

Deliveroo Country Manager in Australia, Levi Aron, said: “At Deliveroo we are constantly innovating and looking for ways to help our restaurants grow. POS integration is the number one feature restaurants are requesting around the world, and it’s a key way that Deliveroo can help improve the performance of their business.

“Not only will this Australian partnership lead to cost savings for restaurants, but it will also see customers benefit from meals that are prepared and delivered faster.”

The Doshii platform, which connects Apps with POS in real-time, allows venues a variety of choice based on an open ecosystem. With recent investment from Coca Cola Amatil, Doshii will continue to develop its technology to deliver value back to venue owners by allowing them to connect their favourite Apps direct to their POS.

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To contact Deliveroo, email, phone +61 409 330 731, or visit their website.


About Deliveroo      

Deliveroo is an award-winning delivery service that operates in 13 cities across Australia, with a network of over 6,500 riders. It is headquartered in London, with over 2,500 employees in offices around the globe. Deliveroo operates in over 500 towns and cities across 14 markets, including Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and the United Kingdom.

About Doshii

Doshii has been developing and providing leading API services for integration since 2016. It is supported by an outstanding team with more than 40 years of collective development experience. Doshii reduces the cost of building and maintaining integrations while providing a robust, safe and secure experience for customers.

More than 130 POS systems exist across Australia alone, and it’s technically impossible for this quantity to connect to the ever-expanding number of Apps being developed. Doshii solves this problem by allowing any POS or App to connect to its platform via a standardised API. This allows App and POS developers to focus on building great products, instead of trying to manage hundreds of potential integrations.

Based in Melbourne, Doshii is backed by Westpac Reinventure and Coca-Cola Amatil-X. It operates throughout Australia and is now rapidly expanding into Asia.

Doshii-PosPay integration connects the digital and offline worlds to drive customer engagement

Doshii is pleased to announce an integration with mobile customer engagement and payment platform PosPay. Doshii’s API, which connects Apps with POS in real-time, links PosPay with access to thousands of venues to provide an enhanced customer experience for large hospitality operations.

PosPay delivers seamless, location-based ordering for customers at restaurants, hotels and festivals by customising their personal preferences when they are in range of a venue. This provides a strong branding experience for any venue wanting to promote itself to customers in a particular geographic location.

Once in-venue, PosPay allows customers to enjoy meals and entertainment hassle-free, with payments transacted quickly and easily on their mobile phone.

The Doshii-PosPay integration provides a seamless experience for venues too. Staff receive orders directly through PosPay, reducing multiple order-handling and minimising the amount of training required for new staff members. This eliminates costly misplaced orders and frees up staff for more productive value-added customer interactions.

Doshii GM, Greg Williams, says he and his team are excited to be partnering with PosPay. “I appreciate their goal of bringing the digital and real worlds closer together to improve the customer experience,” he says. “The hospitality industry is becoming increasingly personalised and augmented and PosPay is making big inroads in this area.”

PosPay CTO, Blake McIntyre, says the integration with Doshii means a more seamless customer experience and improved staff engagement. “The two go hand-in-hand,” he says. “Our integration means staff can operate more efficiently, and with less training, so they can focus on delivering an enhanced customer experience.”

PosPay features and benefits include:

  • Free installation and set-up in any restaurant, hotel and festival venue.
  • Real-time ordering and tracking.
  • Integrated payment gateway with orders paid upfront.
  • In-app venue branding with fast notifications when a customer is in range.

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To contact PosPay, email, phone (029) 5613111, or visit their website.

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Doshii welcomes Silicon Valley Product and Marketplace specialist as strategic advisor

Doshii is pleased to welcome former Head of Product across the Uber Developer Platform and Silicon Valley maven, Chris Saad, as a strategic advisor to the team advising on Product development and go to market strategies both locally and across Asia. He has come on board to lend his vast experience and skills to further develop the Doshii platform and Doshii App marketplace and ensure best-practice and insights for developers and venues connected to Doshii.

Chris has an impressive track record in the tech sector, including founding and building a series of successful startups – running most as CEO. He was the former Head of Product for the Uber Developer Platform, co-founder of the Data Portability Project and co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Echo.

“Using my background in Silicon Valley, my goal is to help startups avoid common mistakes and fast forward to the best possible answers,” says Chris. “My approach is very tactical and hands on. I’ll be helping the Doshii team execute a holistic go-to-market strategy and exponentially grow their two sided marketplace with developers and venues.”

He now works with a handful of selected startups, including Doshii.

Chris enjoys sharing his skills and expertise with companies that are making a significant and meaningful impact on their world. “Doshii unlocks the heart of a venue – the POS – and makes it cloud-accessible for third-party developers,” he explains. “This is the same type of ‘unlocking’ of potential that the iPhone did by making the phone a computing and apps platform in people’s pockets.”

Doshii’s modern, Silicon Valley-style approach to tackling innovation is what attracted Chris to the company that he had been keeping a keen eye on for over 12 months. “They come at it with a holistic worldview – not just payments or ordering. Their solution is unique in the market across a variety of use cases,” Chris says.

Chris is Australian and has been based in San Francisco for the past 10 years. While he shares his expertise with companies all around the world, he has a particular passion for helping Australian startups take on the world.

Doshii CEO and Founder, Sean O’Meara adds, “Chris and I have been in discussion for over 12 months. He is a welcome addition to our team and brings immense experience and value to what we have set to achieve – a platform to allow venues, Apps and POS to test, evaluate and connect with ease. The developer experience is just as important to us as to the venues’ experience in working with Doshii, and Chris is assisting us across these two key aspects.”

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Doshii-Beam integration brings businesses up close and personal with the right customers

Doshii is delighted to announce a partnership with payment and rewards platform, Beam. This global tech startup has offices in Dubai, Sydney and Gothenburg, Sweden, and is currently the leading mobile wallet app in the UAE. It also appears at number 5 in the Financial IT Pathfinder rankings for 2016/7.

Beam’s success pivots off its ability to generate incremental profits for businesses and savings for customers by helping with better decision making and applying synergies present throughout the purchasing value chain.

Doshii’s API, which connects Apps with POS in real-time, helps businesses seamlessly manage payment and loyalty Apps like Beam. Together, the Doshii-Beam partnership provides a frictionless experience for merchants and customers at point of sale.

Doshii GM Greg Williams explains that the payment experience on both sides of the transaction doesn’t change based on what payment method a customer decides to use. “Beam, plastic card, phone… it’s all the same,” he says. “The benefit of partnering with Doshii is that we are able to connect Beam to multiple POS providers with a single integration. This makes it super-efficient and economical.”

“We are really excited to be working with Beam, a 21st-century platform that’s changing the global payments and rewards landscape.”

For businesses, Beam uses its comprehensive analytics and insights engine to attract, retain and re-engage with customers.  Its smart rewards ecosystem, with attractive personalised offers, is the key to its success.

Customers love the ease and flexibility Beam offers when it comes to redeeming and spending their rewards. Every time they pay with Beam, customers are rewarded for shopping and can spend their rewards anywhere Beam is accepted.

With research showing people check their mobile phones around 80 times a day, Beam offers a super-convenient payment platform and provides ‘personalised curated offers and rewards’ for businesses, literally in their customers’ pockets.”

Beam co-founder and CEO, Serdar Nurmammedov, says: “At Beam, we’ve created a platform that treats payments as conversations, not one-way transactions. This allows us to remove fees and ineffective advertising from merchants’ lives.”

“The key to scaling this is a frictionless experience for the merchant and customer at the point of sale. We made the decision to partner with Doshii as their API Platform connects to multiple POS with only one connection for us – this is crucial in ensuring business will succeed.”

“Despite initial scepticism towards our solution, we have persevered and succeeded. Seeing solutions like Doshii coming into the market is really encouraging for businesses and consumers. With the help of Doshii, established businesses and emerging startups are able to offer their services to businesses with a single integration.”


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To contact Beam, email, or visit their website.


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What is Doshii Certification? Guided integration to a secure API platform

In today’s fast-moving software environment, it can be easy to become complacent over the need for testing and certification. This is particularly true for any work that is customer-facing. Consumers will very quickly vote with their thumbs if an experience is anything less than positive. Neutral won’t cut it, and a poor experience could mean you lose credibility in the highly competitive App and POS market.

With our years working in the App and POS space we’ve seen success and failure first hand and we’re absolutely convinced that a little time spent up front will save you an exponential amount of time fixing anything you might have missed.

Your success is our success, and as we’ve implemented many integrations, we want to share our knowledge and expertise with any new Apps or POS who partner with us from the start. One reason is to help any new partners understand best practice, so they can avoid delays before they go into pilot and then into production.

We like to start by talking through your software and sharing our experience and guidance to help speed up your integration and highlight some common potholes. This way we can both be confident there are no nasty surprises when your App or POS is deployed. The end result is a simplified and much smoother process when it comes to testing.

Certification gives you, us and venue owners confidence that the Apps or POS they are working with has ticked all the necessary boxes.

Doshii Certification Checklist

With Doshii, we tailor the certification process according to whether you are an App or POS. There’s no point in making anyone feel like they’re jumping through unnecessary hoops. The result is a certification pre-flight checklist, which gives everyone confidence that all the bases have been covered.

This is all discussed up-front during initial consultation. It’s a collaborative process where we all have a say, and where we can all be sure that no use cases are missed.

Make no mistake, we’re on a constant learning curve too. First, certification helps us learn what our partners are working on, so we can modify our API to complement what you’re doing. And second, if you do need to check in with us for support further down the development track, we’ve already had a walk-through of your software and have a first-hand understanding of it. This helps us talk you through how to navigate any issues that might crop up.

3 Simple Steps to Certification

  1. Trial – evaluate Doshii API
  2. Integration implementation
    • Developer walkthrough & kick-off including likely Certification scenarios
    • Integration Development
    • Pre-certification walkthrough: a 1-hour session to identify cases and smoke-test
  3. QA
    • Certification attempt – 1-2hr walkthrough session (can be remote)
    • Pilot


What Exactly are the Benefits of Certification?

  • Confidence that any Apps or POS will work as designed and that software will plug and play, with little or no intervention needed.
  • The required standards have been met and shared across the platform.
  • The App or POS is best-of-breed for its particular niche.
  • There is strong support from Doshii during development and post-launch.
  • You get the most out of Doshii’s knowledge and experience.
  • There is a simplified, guided development lifecycle.
  • Less redevelopment due to initial assessment and planning
  • Certification ensures the platform is secure with each integration tested

What Does this Mean for Apps and POS?

Venues can have confidence that certified Apps will plug and play and feel confident supporting them. Likewise, Apps can have confidence that no matter which POS they connect with, or what changes are made to a connected POS, their integration will continue to work seamlessly. This frees up developers to focus on what they do best, with less stress.

POS, in turn, can feel secure they can offer a wide range of services to augment their product, and that they will work without any problems. Certification gives everyone in the ecosystem confidence.

Why Should You Prioritise Certification?

  • It ensures important properties aren’t missed, such as reference IDs.
  • You are able to subscribe and unsubscribe to a venue and understand the onboarding process.
  • You can be confident important data, such as payments, reconciles.
  • Depending on which services you want to utilise, basic use cases will be conducted depending on which type of App you are. For example, there are different use cases if you are an ordering, payment or reservations App.

Are you interested in learning about the development process with Doshii? Click here to get in touch and find out more.

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Let music boost your bottom line with Doshii-Qsic integration

We’ve all heard – and probably experienced – how restaurants increase the tempo of their music to increase their table turnover rate, or encourage lingering patrons or shoppers to move on at the end of a long day. That used to be the extent of the science behind music in the hospitality and retail industries.

This unsophisticated approach is no longer. Now, artificial intelligence (AI) plays a key role in generating commercial music playlists that create the right atmosphere for customers and enhance their experience. At the same time, it also strengthens a brand’s identity and lifts staff engagement.

Australian tech company Qsic has teamed up with Doshii to deliver a perfect in-store or in-venue sound experience. Qsic pairs in-depth musical knowledge with AI-curated business data to deliver soundtracks which enhance sales, encourage repeat business, improve customer satisfaction and boost the bottom line.

Doshii’s API, which connects Apps with POS in real-time, supports Qsic’s ethos of making life easier for clients using state-of-the-art technology. Via the Doshii integration, clients can connect with any digital service, whether customer loyalty, CRM, BI, POS and more. They can harness Qsic’s smart music platform from all the most popular players.

And with real-time integration to a central management console HQ, the pressure is taken off staff to monitor and control the background music. This frees them up to focus on their customers or patrons.

Qsic Founder and CEO, Matt Elsley, explains that business environments change constantly, as customers come and go. This affects ambient sounds and the in-store or in-venue environment.

“Qsic’s industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI) solution – called AVA – learns, predicts and adapts to these conditions to positively impact sales. AVA intelligently gathers and analyses data, then uses AI algorithms to tap into the music that best engages customers,” he explains.

Doshii GM, Greg Williams, is excited to be partnering with Qsic using this cutting-edge technology. “Surveys show that if customers like the music that’s playing in a public area, four out of 10 of them are likely to stay longer. Music is particularly important to the younger generation – they’re the ones with the purchasing power of tomorrow.”

“Qsic’s technology turns background music into a high-performing sales platform, driving repeat business and increasing sales,” Greg adds. “It also enhances the experience for retail customers and diners. We’re pleased to have them join our large and growing stable of integrations and look forward to seeing how we can work together to develop the use of music in hospitality and retail.”

Qsic’s platform offers these key benefits and features:

  • Multiple locations and devices. Qsic can be played through iOS devices, desktop computer, Qsic Player or on SONOS. All players can be controlled from the central management console HQ, allowing easy control over devices deployed in stores and venues.
  • Hands-on, or AI-driven. Managers and staff can select playlists and tracks, or let Qsic’s curated playlists and smart algorithms deliver on-brand music.
  • Autonomous volume control. Patented AVA technology listens to the environment to fine tune the sound from each individual speaker.
  • Offline mode. If the internet connection is lost, the system seamlessly switches to offline mode. Pre-curated offline playlists kick in to keep music playing while the connection is restored.


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To contact Qsic, email, ring 1300 113 279, or visit

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Round up of the new Doshii API Platform features from 2018

[et_pb_section bb_built=”1″ admin_label=”section”][et_pb_row admin_label=”row” background_position=”top_left” background_repeat=”repeat” background_size=”initial”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text background_position=”top_left” background_repeat=”repeat” background_size=”initial” _builder_version=”3.0.90″ background_layout=”light”]

Doshii’s API platform grew significantly during 2018. We saw a number of leading App & POS companies join the Doshii network. which has led to some new features coming directly through our partner community. This allowed our App and POS partners to focus on their core strengths, leaving us to take care of data transfer and connectivity via a single, one-time integration with our API. Here are some of the highlights of the new features added this year.


Doshii Dashboard

The release of the Doshii API Dashboard provides an easy way to manage and monitor all API integrations from a single location, in real-time. It provides a valuable window that gives users confidence all their integrations are working smoothly.

Through the Doshii Dashboard, users can quickly and easily view and manage all registered venue locations from a single console, which also shows all connected App and POS instances. The user-friendly interface allows quick venue onboarding, issue debugging and configuration of new connections. Easy-to-read, meaningful statistics are also presented for monitoring connection points.

Read More Here


POS Initiated Payments (PIP) and Pre-orders

POS Initiated Payments were developed through consultation with Doshii’s Community Forum. With PIPs, POS initiates a transaction using Terminal ID and Application ID, which are optional. Payment Apps are then notified of the new transaction request and may handle it as per the current process.

The pre-order feature developed in 2018 allows customers to pre-order their meal when making a reservation, leading to a more pleasurable and relaxed dining experience. This is facilitated by new endpoints, which support dine-in options ahead of check-in, using a booking ID.

Read More Here


Webhooks, health checks and Gift cards released in version 3.2

Another initiative that came out of the Doshii Community Forum – and released in v3.2 – is the development of webhooks, in addition to existing support for WebSockets. While most web service APIs support a standard RESTful request/ response mode of interaction, some may provide additional or alternative options via webhooks or WebSockets. This enables different means of communicating with an API, with strengths and weaknesses of each option that vary depending on the context in which they’re used.

Read More Here

Also released in v3.2 is improved health check monitoring of connected venues, including the ability to monitor real-time health of connected venues, telemetry around POS version and network latency between the Doshii API and the venue.

Gift card activation and balance enquiry endpoints were also added to v3.2. Functionality now exists to activate gift cards with the gift card provider via POS in real-time.


Bulk Data API, image support and added product codes released in version 3.4

Released in v3.4, the Bulk Data API provides the capability to retrieve large amounts of data in bulk through an optimised asynchronous process.

This version also supports images and other digital assets, allowing venues’ POS and Apps to link images of venues, menu items and members to partners, improving the customer experience. This feature supports ordering, payment and loyalty Apps that all face the same challenges: constantly changing menus at venues as well as new, modern payment options, including being able to identify customers via facial recognition.

Doshii’s image processing ability facilitates this by displaying the image of a customer’s face (if they choose to opt-in) on the POS in real-time as a payment method and also allows recognition with loyalty App partners. Biometrics dramatically improve the customer experience and make purchasing more secure – giving future-facing companies like Doshii a head start over the competition.

Read More Here

Version 3.4 also added support for menu item product codes. To improve product identification, most standard product codes (SKU, PLU, GTIN-#) can now be pushed to Doshii from POS to help Apps enrich the end-users’ experience. They do this by obtaining assets such as images, as well as extended descriptions from external sources.


Comprehensive API integration series

Doshii CTO, John Twomey, produced an excellent series of articles covering everything our partners need to know about API integration. Topics include:

With more articles on API integration security, and integration monitoring coming soon.


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Last month at Doshii: October 2018

Last month has been an exciting month at Doshii. We are thrilled to talk about integration partnerships which enable venues to take control of online ordering, optimise staff time and attendance management, and improve consumer experiences through integrated AI solutions. Our CTO John Twomey also discusses real-time communication through API Integration.

Stay up-to-date with our latest updates via Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

Doshii-Order Up! Integration

Take control of your online ordering with OrderUp! + Doshii certified POS

Doshii announces another key integration; the latest is with OrderUp!, a cloud-based online ordering platform that enables hospitality businesses to sell their products online via their own branded website and App and get paid daily. OrderUp! has been operating since 2010 and services hundreds of independent venues as well as major chains including Betty’s BurgersGrill’dNando’s, and Caltex.

Greg Williams and John Saddie

Greg Williams – Doshii GM (left) with John Saadie – CEO OrderUp! (right)

OrderUp! uses the Doshii API Platform to allow venues to receive online orders direct to their Doshii connected POS. Venue owners and operators benefit by only managing their menu in the POS and save time and money by not having to manually re-enter every online order into their POS system.

Read more about this integration.

Read More Here


Time attendance and rostering platform Tanda optimises staffing levels in real-time with Doshii

Tanda, a global workforce success platform utilises the Doshii API Platform to monitor real-time sales from venues using Doshii connected POS. The groundbreaking time and attendance management software, which has featured in national media like The AustralianSMH and Business Insider, offers strong payroll and rostering features. It also provides powerful real-time insights that help businesses track the correlation between sales and labour.




This is particularly valuable in the hospitality industry, as business managers can compare expected to actual figures as the day progresses – allowing them to make on-the-spot adjustments. The Doshii API, which connects Apps with POS in real-time, allows customers to view the data in Tanda and gain immediate insights so they can manage their businesses better.

Read more about this integration.

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Doshii-Tabsquare Integration

TabSquare partners with Doshii to launch AI-powered table ordering solutions

Doshii is pleased to announce an integration with Singapore-based restaurant tech startup TabSquare, with the first pilot venue already live in Australia. TabSquare is a digital menu and ordering App that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to personalise the experience for consumers while increasing a venue’s operational efficiency – according to TabSquare venues see an increase in average order spend and a decrease in labour costs.  The Doshii API Platform connects TabSquare with Doshii certified POS and allows orders to be automatically printed to existing printers at the venue and removes costly re-entering of orders at the POS. The integration demonstrates how Doshii’s API plus TabSquare’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solution can improve and personalise the experiences of consumers while increasing operational efficiency.

Read more about this integration.

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API Integration Real-Time Communication

How Doshii enables real-time async communication between Apps and POS

We have the next blog in the API Integration series by Doshii CTO John Twomey. The latest one – API Integration Real-Time Communication – discusses how Doshii enables real-time async communication between Apps and POS.

While most webservice APIs will support a standard RESTful request/response mode of interaction, some may provide additional or alternative options via webhooks or WebSockets. These technologies enable different means of communicating with an API, with strengths and weaknesses that vary depending upon the context in which they’re used. Read more here.

Read More here


Interested in learning more about Doshii?

Doshii offers an out of the box solution that can provide your application many of the same benefits discussed above with only a fraction of the coding time, effort, and expertise required. We’re here to help so please don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information.


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TabSquare partners with Doshii to launch AI-powered ordering solutions

Doshii is pleased to announce an integration with Singapore-based restaurant tech startup TabSquare, with the first pilot venue already live in Australia. TabSquare is a digital menu and ordering App that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to personalise the experience for consumers while increasing a venue’s operational efficiency – according to TabSquare venues see an increase in average order spend and a decrease in labour costs.  The Doshii API Platform connects TabSquare with Doshii certified POS and allows orders to be automatically printed to existing printers at the venue and removes costly re-entering of orders at the POS.

This integration will demonstrate how Doshii’s API plus TabSquare’s artificial intelligence (AI) powered solution can improve and personalise the experiences of consumers while increasing a venue’s operational efficiency.

Doshii GM, Greg Williams, says his company is providing TabSquare with good access to the Australian market. “They have a great solution and big ambitions for the Asia-Pacific region. They want to connect with as many POS as possible and have chosen to integrate with Doshii because of our leverage with local POS.

“The integration with TabSquare demonstrates how we can help our partners grow and increase their reach. We are excited to be part of this pilot, which uses new technologies like AI in an alternative venue.”

TabSquare offers an end-to-end solution for venues, using artificial intelligence to create seamless operations, save labour costs, boost average cover value and speed up table turns.

TabSquare is pleased with the great access that the Doshii integration provides them into the Australian market. By connecting to the Doshii platform, TabSquare is relieved of the responsibility for integration and communication, allowing them to focus on growing their business in the region.

The fact that Doshii has representation in Singapore, where TabSquare is based, is also a big plus. They are able to leverage Doshii’s platform and capabilities both locally and abroad.

Other key Tabsquare benefits and features are:

  • Dynamic menu engineering
  • Smart upsell and cross-sell recommendation engine
  • Smart promotion engine
  • Personalised customer interface
  • Quick reordering feature
  • 1-to-1 marketing capabilities
  • Cloud-based online menu management
  • Robust business intelligence and data analytics reporting

Bottling giant Coca-Cola Amatil recently acquired a minority stake in TabSquare, through its corporate venture platform Amatil X. This is the second stake taken by Amatil X since it launched in April this year. It invested in Doshii in August – demonstrating its interest in partnering with companies with innovative, scalable technology solutions.

Do you have an App you’d like to see integrated with your POS Software? With no upfront costs, what are you waiting for? Our secure sandbox trial environment gives you full access to App and POS API integration examples, documentation and dashboard – with simulated orders and transactions.

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About TabSquare

TabSquare provides AI-Powered ‘Smart’ In-Restaurant solutions to the F&B industry that leverage rich consumer data and deep learning algorithms to provide an engaging dining experience for restaurants’ diners and helps to double restaurants’ profitability. TabSquare’s solutions currently collect over 30 million customer interaction data points on a monthly basis. With a unique data-driven approach to restaurant management and customer engagement, TabSquare helps partner restaurants drive higher sales, streamline operations, and provide a better customer experience. A Market Leader in Singapore with customers in Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.


TabSquare currently has 6000 active terminals in the region, serving over 12 million diners annually. Clients include well-known F&B brands such as Minor Food Group, Sushi Tei, Paradise Food Group, Japan Foods Holding, Zingrill Holdings, Chili’s, Strike Bowling, Old Town White Coffee, and PappaRich.