Doshii’s partner Community drives new Order & payment API features

Doshii Partner Community


Doshii is expanding its order and payment API to support a number of new services. This is a direct result of great collaboration with integrators via the Doshii Community forum. Doshii Head of Product, Greg Williams, says the forum has been invaluable for product and their partners.

“It’s a great source of ideas, it’s helpful for requesting features from the Doshii team and is an important space for discussing and sharing support information”, he says “It also offers our partners a platform to collaborate with each other directly, and see how improvements may take effect from different perspectives”

Greg and the Doshii team are excited about the new features which have grown out of the Community forum. “They highlight how we are open to suggestions and quick to respond to the constantly changing venue management environment. Our partners may expect to see many of these features to be rolled out over the next few weeks.”


New features originating from the Doshii Community forum

Doshii Community Payment API Features

POS Initiated Payment API

With POS Initiated Payment (PIP), POS initiates a transaction using Terminal ID & Application ID (these are optional). Payment Apps are then notified of the new Transaction requested and may handle the transaction as per the current process.

Join the discussion on PIP via our Community Forum post now.

Redemption Codes

Doshii will now also enable POS and Apps to exchange custom data when submitting transaction requests. This would allow integrators to include include membership numbers, voucher, promotion codes, authentication codes,  gift-card sequences or NPP (New Payments Platform) PayID, which may be input manually or scanned via QR or barcode, or captured directly by Apps.

This new feature allows recognition of vouchers, gift cards, memberships and promotional campaigns. Instead of having to pre-register a discount scheme, the details are forwarded to or from the venue to be  process in real-time.

In its simplest form, redemption codes could be entered at payment into an open ‘Redemption Code’ field. The transaction would be handled the same way as a PIP, described above.

Join the discussion on Redemption Codes via our Community Forum post now.

Pre-ordering API

Currently, customers must be checked in before ordering. This feature will allow them to pre-order their meal when making a reservation, making a more pleasurable and relaxed dining experience. This is facilitated by new endpoints, which support dine-in options using a booking ID, ahead of check-in.

Join the discussion on Pre-Ordering via our Community Forum post now.


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