TabSquare partners with Doshii to launch AI-powered ordering solutions

Doshii is pleased to announce an integration with Singapore-based restaurant tech startup TabSquare, with the first pilot venue already live in Australia. TabSquare is a digital menu and ordering App that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to personalise the experience for consumers while increasing a venue’s operational efficiency – according to TabSquare venues see an increase in average order spend and a decrease in labour costs.  The Doshii API Platform connects TabSquare with Doshii certified POS and allows orders to be automatically printed to existing printers at the venue and removes costly re-entering of orders at the POS.

This integration will demonstrate how Doshii’s API plus TabSquare’s artificial intelligence (AI) powered solution can improve and personalise the experiences of consumers while increasing a venue’s operational efficiency.

Doshii GM, Greg Williams, says his company is providing TabSquare with good access to the Australian market. “They have a great solution and big ambitions for the Asia-Pacific region. They want to connect with as many POS as possible and have chosen to integrate with Doshii because of our leverage with local POS.

“The integration with TabSquare demonstrates how we can help our partners grow and increase their reach. We are excited to be part of this pilot, which uses new technologies like AI in an alternative venue.”

TabSquare offers an end-to-end solution for venues, using artificial intelligence to create seamless operations, save labour costs, boost average cover value and speed up table turns.

TabSquare is pleased with the great access that the Doshii integration provides them into the Australian market. By connecting to the Doshii platform, TabSquare is relieved of the responsibility for integration and communication, allowing them to focus on growing their business in the region.

The fact that Doshii has representation in Singapore, where TabSquare is based, is also a big plus. They are able to leverage Doshii’s platform and capabilities both locally and abroad.

Other key Tabsquare benefits and features are:

  • Dynamic menu engineering
  • Smart upsell and cross-sell recommendation engine
  • Smart promotion engine
  • Personalised customer interface
  • Quick reordering feature
  • 1-to-1 marketing capabilities
  • Cloud-based online menu management
  • Robust business intelligence and data analytics reporting

Bottling giant Coca-Cola Amatil recently acquired a minority stake in TabSquare, through its corporate venture platform Amatil X. This is the second stake taken by Amatil X since it launched in April this year. It invested in Doshii in August – demonstrating its interest in partnering with companies with innovative, scalable technology solutions.

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About TabSquare

TabSquare provides AI-Powered ‘Smart’ In-Restaurant solutions to the F&B industry that leverage rich consumer data and deep learning algorithms to provide an engaging dining experience for restaurants’ diners and helps to double restaurants’ profitability. TabSquare’s solutions currently collect over 30 million customer interaction data points on a monthly basis. With a unique data-driven approach to restaurant management and customer engagement, TabSquare helps partner restaurants drive higher sales, streamline operations, and provide a better customer experience. A Market Leader in Singapore with customers in Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.


TabSquare currently has 6000 active terminals in the region, serving over 12 million diners annually. Clients include well-known F&B brands such as Minor Food Group, Sushi Tei, Paradise Food Group, Japan Foods Holding, Zingrill Holdings, Chili’s, Strike Bowling, Old Town White Coffee, and PappaRich.


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