Sydney’s Silly Tart Kitchen gains better returns with Beam Wallet and Doshii

With the tagline “Pay with your phone, earn rewards” Beam is so much more than a mobile payment and rewards App.

Patrons who pay with Beam get 10% back, always, and can then spend that loyalty “reward” at any of their live stores across Potts Point, Darlinghurst, Surry Hills and surrounds. For the business owner, Beam is a demand generation platform driven by real-time customer data. Beam offer; 

  • 0% payment processing fees, 
  • $0 up-front costs 
  • Stress-free POS integration – thanks to Doshii! 

Nina Purton, Director of sustainable eatery Silly Tart Kitchen, has embraced Beam, “It’s no surprise that mobile payments are becoming increasingly popular in our area, not only do they provide safer and more convenient ways to pay, they also encourage customers to shop locally due to the valuable rewards on offer.”

Beam provides a better customer experience for your patrons including cafes, bars, restaurants and grocery stores. The App user is able to spend their 10% as part of their payment for services or products, at any store that accepts Beam.

Silly Tart Kitchen customers who are fondly referred to as Beamers have said;

Ms Purton continues “At times these new payment options can create friction at the POS, making for a poor customer experience. However, when we discovered we could easily add an extra button to our POS to accept mobile payments like Beam [via Doshii], it was a quick win for our business!”

Doshii, which connects Apps with POS systems in real-time, helps businesses seamlessly manage payment and loyalty Apps like Beam. Together, the Doshii-Beam partnership provides a frictionless experience for merchants and customers at the point of sale. 

Beam uses its business intelligence platform to provide the business with customer data and insights. As each Beam transaction is rated by the user, any negative experiences or reviews can quickly and easily be addressed by management with the click of a button.

We spoke with Schanin Deschamps, a Beamer that lives in the Sydney suburb of Potts Point,

Silly Tart Kitchen says “the [Doshii-Beam] integration was seamless and meant we could start processing Beam transactions straight away with no setup costs or staff training needed. It was truly a no brainer, we save on payment processing fees, easily keep up to date with tech offerings and our customers tap into more value each time they pay.”

Beam Founder Serdar Nurmammedov reports, “At Beam, we’ve created a platform that treats payments as conversations, not one-way transactions. This allows us to remove fees and ineffective advertising from merchants’ lives. The key to scaling this App is a frictionless experience for the merchant and customer at the point of sale. We made the decision to partner with Doshii as their API platform connects to multiple POS with only one connection for us – this is crucial in ensuring the business will succeed.”

Doshii allows Beam to process payments that are initiated by the venues POS. After integrating with Doshii’s platform, Beam can receive information from the POS and process payments in the same way a credit card transaction works but without the processing cost to the merchant.

Sydney has embraced Beam in a way Beam always wanted but didn’t expect. They have had some great feedback from their Beam businesses and advocates and the love keeps growing.

Get started with Beam and Doshii today to see how mobile wallet options can work for your business!

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