Round up of the new Doshii API Platform features from 2018

Doshii’s API platform grew significantly during 2018. We saw a number of leading App & POS companies join the Doshii network. which has led to some new features coming directly through our partner community. This allowed our App and POS partners to focus on their core strengths, leaving us to take care of data transfer and connectivity via a single, one-time integration with our API. Here are some of the highlights of the new features added this year.


Doshii Dashboard

The release of the Doshii API Dashboard provides an easy way to manage and monitor all API integrations from a single location, in real-time. It provides a valuable window that gives users confidence all their integrations are working smoothly.

Through the Doshii Dashboard, users can quickly and easily view and manage all registered venue locations from a single console, which also shows all connected App and POS instances. The user-friendly interface allows quick venue onboarding, issue debugging and configuration of new connections. Easy-to-read, meaningful statistics are also presented for monitoring connection points.

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POS Initiated Payments (PIP) and Pre-orders

POS Initiated Payments were developed through consultation with Doshii’s Community Forum. With PIPs, POS initiates a transaction using Terminal ID and Application ID, which are optional. Payment Apps are then notified of the new transaction request and may handle it as per the current process.

The pre-order feature developed in 2018 allows customers to pre-order their meal when making a reservation, leading to a more pleasurable and relaxed dining experience. This is facilitated by new endpoints, which support dine-in options ahead of check-in, using a booking ID.

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Webhooks, health checks and Gift cards released in version 3.2

Another initiative that came out of the Doshii Community Forum – and released in v3.2 – is the development of webhooks, in addition to existing support for WebSockets. While most web service APIs support a standard RESTful request/ response mode of interaction, some may provide additional or alternative options via webhooks or WebSockets. This enables different means of communicating with an API, with strengths and weaknesses of each option that vary depending on the context in which they’re used.

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Also released in v3.2 is improved health check monitoring of connected venues, including the ability to monitor real-time health of connected venues, telemetry around POS version and network latency between the Doshii API and the venue.

Gift card activation and balance enquiry endpoints were also added to v3.2. Functionality now exists to activate gift cards with the gift card provider via POS in real-time.


Bulk Data API, image support and added product codes released in version 3.4

Released in v3.4, the Bulk Data API provides the capability to retrieve large amounts of data in bulk through an optimised asynchronous process.

This version also supports images and other digital assets, allowing venues’ POS and Apps to link images of venues, menu items and members to partners, improving the customer experience. This feature supports ordering, payment and loyalty Apps that all face the same challenges: constantly changing menus at venues as well as new, modern payment options, including being able to identify customers via facial recognition.

Doshii’s image processing ability facilitates this by displaying the image of a customer’s face (if they choose to opt-in) on the POS in real-time as a payment method and also allows recognition with loyalty App partners. Biometrics dramatically improve the customer experience and make purchasing more secure – giving future-facing companies like Doshii a head start over the competition.

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Version 3.4 also added support for menu item product codes. To improve product identification, most standard product codes (SKU, PLU, GTIN-#) can now be pushed to Doshii from POS to help Apps enrich the end-users’ experience. They do this by obtaining assets such as images, as well as extended descriptions from external sources.


Comprehensive API integration series

Doshii CTO, John Twomey, produced an excellent series of articles covering everything our partners need to know about API integration. Topics include:

With more articles on API integration security, and integration monitoring coming soon.


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