We deliver new revenue
for POS companies by
plugging them into a rich
ecosystem of powerful apps

You’re in good company.
Some of our proudly connected POS Systems

Why you’ll love Doshii


Doshii has an easy-to-use API
and full documentation to make
it simple to integrate quickly.

New revenue sources

By encouraging your Venues to adopt
Doshii, you earn ongoing commission
from Subscription fees.

Fulfilling demand

Catch up and keep up, by instantly making your POS compatible with all the popular Apps – Including Deliveroo, OpenTable etc – and new App coming online all the time.

Doshii is a Cloud Platform that plugs
your POS into all the best Hospitality Apps

Our path for
working together

Integrate the API

Easy to use REST APIs. Sandbox with real-world data. Access to Pilot Apps for early testing.

Ops Planning

We work together to determine
co-marketing and onboarding playbooks.

Get reviewed

We work with your team to validate the integration and ops plan.

Start winning!

We work together to drive new commission revenue by activating your venues.

Explore the App Store

Discover some of the Apps that instantly become compatible
with your POS system once it’s integrated with Doshii

The Deliveroo platform offers online ordering and payment for venues with easy to use technology that streams orders directly to the establishments Point of Sale. Delivery of meals can be made using their cyclists or delivery persons or the venues own fleet.
OpenTable provides booking and reservation management, table management, POS integration and in-depth analysis linking covers to revenue.
The Tanda solution offers a wide range of modules to make the best use of the venues human capital and ensure that their needs are met so the customers will return to happy, friendly staff.
Pricing & Commissions
Platform Access + White-glove support
  • Full platform access
  • Email and chat support
  • White glove support
  • Doshii Certification
  • Co-marketing programs
  • Ongoing Support and Ops SLAs
  • Earn $$$ when a venue turns on their Doshii integration with your POS