OpenTable and POS Integration Innovating Business Growth

OpenTable is the pioneer and global leader in online restaurant reservations and reservation management space. Since 1998, OpenTable has been powering great dining experiences around the world through restaurant technology, and have become experts in helping restaurants run and grow their businesses, with decades of real-world experience informing everything that they do.

The OpenTable network includes more than 43,000 restaurants around the world; seating 23 million diners via online reservations every month; diners that eat out frequently and tend to eat more.

Designed to help restaurants flourish, OpenTable’s GuestCenter is a native iPad, iPhone and cloud-based restaurant platform that delivers capabilities to venue partners including reservation management, guest data management, inventory optimisation, lightning-fast in-shift tools for floor management, data insights, and much more.

Opentable Integration

GuestCenter also empowers owners with powerful data insights and restaurant management capabilities from the GuestCenter manager app; delivering streamlined mobile capabilities to modern restaurants that don’t always have a static host stand or that want a more updated, sleek method to greet guests besides a clunky laptop. GuestCenter helps restaurants to fully maximise supply when demand is high and to deliver superior customer service consistently and efficiently.

Doshii integration with OpenTable

Through the Doshii enabled OpenTable POS integration with GuestCenter, restaurant owners can connect the dots between reservations and revenue. This provides huge value to the venues that are using the OpenTable product. Sean O’Meara CEO at Doshii notes, ‘We are particularly excited by our first stage integration with OpenTable – which pushes per party and per cover check averages directly to the restaurant owner or GM’s phone via the GuestCenter app. 



Existing feature benefits fall under 2 categories:

  1. Mobile Reporting: Real-time Revenue Reporting on your iPhone or iPad
    – View Per cover and per party check averages
    – Compare any shift’s revenue to the same shift’s historical average
  2. POS-triggered table status updates keep hosts informed of which tables have paid their checks. No need to run around the restaurant, it’s all displayed in the app.
    – More automatic table statuses are coming soon including Entree Served & Check dropped

By being able to access real-time revenue data, the POS API Integration provides restaurateurs with an accurate evaluation of how their restaurant is performing daily, weekly or even on a shift-by-shift basis.


Lisa Hasen from OpenTable explains this concept in more depth: “POS integration provides restaurateurs with a seamless way to understand and action their business financials, through the GuestCenter Manager app installed on their Android or iPhone. This utilises POS data to connect the dots between reservations and revenue, empowering restaurateurs to act with insight, to make quantitative, informed decisions and to manage staffing more efficiently. Moreover, during busy shifts when diners are waiting to be seated, the auto-update of “paid” table status on GuestCenter iPad signals the host to action and results in faster wait list seating and happier diners.”


Doshii via its relationship with Omnivore will continue to benefit from ongoing product updates including additional table statuses pushed to GuestCenter and more.  

To find out more about Doshii POS API integration with OpenTable’s GuestCenter Manager app, watch this YouTube video:


To discover more about OpenTable POS integration and Guest Center Manager,
contact Doshii and OpenTable today.

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