Newsletter: New Doshii Integrations & Updates

Company Updates

The team at Doshii has been busy with further advancements in our technology and spreading the word across the globe about the amazing developments we’re making to the Doshii API.  Various discussions with national and international POS and App companies have ensured for an exciting month!

Doshii has presented at several events including the renowned Intersekt Fintech event in Melbourne, where our marketing team, alongside CEO Sean O’Meara, presented our product and explained what and how Doshii works in market and what benefits are provided to apps & POS. As a result, Doshii gained a great deal of interest from companies looking for advanced Australian technology to use across APAC.

Doshii CEO, Sean O’Meara at the Melbourne Intersekt Fintech pitch night.


Earlier this month, Doshii were also invited to talk at the Grant Thornton Bankers Bootcamp. This event brought together senior bankers from all major financial institutions and gave us the opportunity to discuss and answer questions about Doshii. This includes how banking institutions can play a part in this technology/development. In this talk, Sean spoke about his personal journey, from growing up in the rural countryside to University studies in Business, to running a multitude of different business’ over the last 14 years and of course now the founder and CEO at Doshii.

Sean O’Meara at Grant Thornton Bankers Bootcamp.


Product Updates

Doshii has recently met with several payment providers both locally and abroad to demonstrate some of the features that Doshii already has in market. Doshii enables interactions between any payment device and POS seamlessly connected via Doshii.  We see both the traditional and digital payments space as one of the largest growing channels for Doshii and allow a faster way to market for apps by taking care of the integration to POS.

Another recent development from Doshii is the inclusion of POS Initiated Redemption (PiR). PiR allows consumer-facing payment apps (including rewards and redemption) to be used as a payment option at the POS. This allows payment to be authorised via means other than the traditional EFTPOS style payment. For example, customers can use a coupon code or scan a QR code in order to pay, which furthers the growth of alternative payment methods such as cryptocurrencies and digital gift cards in which a customer can associate themselves with a payment at the venues POS system.

New Certifications & Integrations

Over the last month, Doshii has welcomed a number of new Apps & POS that have certified or are have been activated with Doshii. Triniteq (POS) has joined and finalised certification.  Multiple local and international companies specialising in at table or consumer facing ordering apps are entering the market and using Doshii to connect to certified POS.   We’re pleased to be working alongside the teams at TaybleTabSquareHeyYouSmart Table and OzEating.

Impact Data, which specialises in marketing and rostering, has completed certification and is piloting at several venues using Doshii certified POS.  Doshii’s certification team have been busy with more Apps certifying to Doshii over the remainder of the year – watch this space!

Our entire objective is to allow Apps & POS to connect with ease – please get in touch with myself directly at if I can be of any assistance at all.

Doshii presents Pay@Table app to hardware manufacturer, thumbzup, from South Africa

We were pleased to host thumbzup at the Doshii offices earlier this month and present to the CEO & CTO the Pay@Table App running on the ANZ BladePay hardware device, connected directly to POS via Doshii.  By simply entering or scanning a QRCode of the Doshii VenueID (and bank merchant credentials) on the device the App automatically links with any POS that is Doshii certified to allow Pay@Table as well as bill split/multipayment.

Pictured above (L to R) thumbzup CTO Willem Buchner, thumzup CEO Saul Gorin, Doshii CEO Sean O’Meara, thumzup Mark Bookatz and Doshii Head of Product Greg Williams.

 If you are interested in becoming Doshii Certified please get in touch with us.

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