Newly appointed Doshii Chairman sees opportunity to improve connectivity in hospitality and retail worlds

Doshii’s new Chairman, Andrew Rothwell, is a visionary. The self-described “extroverted software engineer turned company strategy, product and sales leader” co-founded business banking startup and success story Tyro Payments in 2003 and now has his eyes set on rising star Doshii.

Doshii’s API Platform lets consumer Apps and traditional and digital payment methods connect to hospitality and retail venues, delighting consumers and improving productivity for venue owners and operators,” he says. This ‘delight’ factor is important to Andrew – he wants Australians, as well as visitors, to be able to use their favourite Apps at their favourite venues.

“I want people’s lives to be more enjoyable when they eat, drink and play,” he says. “It’s important that venues use technology to its maximum capability to better serve their customers. To do this, they need to connect a myriad of Apps in most cases to their in-store Point of Sale system. Additionally, venues need access to insights about performance, so they can grow their business by reducing costs, driving revenue and increasing efficiency.”

In addition to his role as Chairman at Doshii, Andrew will assist in expanding the breadth and depth of Doshii’s POS and App network. He will also work closely with the team in continuing expansion throughout Asia and beyond and across other markets such as retail and health in the future.

Doshii is a real-time data exchange platform like nothing else available on market. The technology is years in the making and provides enormous benefits for Apps, POS, venues and consumers to connect and reduce costs. This is a classic example of technology that I believe will help build Australia’s future as a prominent global tech leader.’

He explains that technology increasingly influences education, which in turn builds bridges between academia and the commercial world. This helps develop strong, technology-focused companies, effectively driving a vibrant technology-based economy.

“The output of these companies will help enrich the lives of not only Australians but people around the world” he explains.

This foresight is not built on an ethereal dream; Andrew has significant credibility in the world of technology, with over 35 years of experience in the sector. His 14+ years as co-founder and ‘Chief Tyrant’ at Tyro saw the company’s transaction volume grow from $0 to $11B, and employee count from 3 to almost 400.

He sees great opportunities for POS providers, in particular, to harness Doshii’s API Platform, which connects Apps with POS in real-time. Given his hands-on experience in this sector, his insights are worth noting. “Apps, POS and venue operators can all get the tools they need to better serve their customers and each other by utilising the one integration via the Doshii Platform.”

“If POS providers can provide a better experience for their venues and in-turn their venue’s customers, their POS becomes more valuable to the venue operators,” he explains. “If you have Apps connected with POS at a venue, reporting and analytics are a snap. You can do market testing easily, by measuring the effectiveness of offers, staff, products and everything they use Apps for in the venue.  With such tight margins these days venues need to reduce costs wherever they can.”

“If you’re a venue, it’s important for your customers to be able to engage with you in whichever way they choose. This means being able to make reservations, order, pay or be loyal using their favourite app. This kind of customer experience becomes very difficult, expensive and time-consuming without a single integration using an API platform like Doshii’s.”

For Apps, he stresses that Doshii’s integration allows them to get on with the business of developing new features, without having to worry about the time and expense of managing multiple integrations. This in turn allows Apps to get to market more quickly and efficiently.

‘With Apps the biggest cost isn’t just the initial integration development to different POS platforms. The real cost is in maintaining these integrations, release cycles and backward compatibility. It is literally impossible to manage without having a huge team of developers dedicated to integrations, and even then the costs are astronomical.  Doshii’s platform, market clout and capability supports a wide array of Apps operating across different segments, allowing access at scale.’

Doshii CEO and Founder, Sean O’Meara, says he is thrilled to have Andrew on-board and excited to have him on the Doshii journey. “Our developers were impressed from day one with Andrew’s knowledge. Over the past few weeks, Andrew has worked closely with the team across a variety of areas.

“Andrew is a company builder with significant experience in the payments and data sector. We are looking forward to working with him to continue our expansion both locally and abroad and will soon be releasing specific features to drive benefit directly to venue management, including  enriched venue data via the Doshii Dashboard, which is free for venues to access.”

“He will be an evangelist and assist with strategy and execution across all areas.  We’ve known each other for ten years and the timing was right to align ourselves on something we both truly believe in – something that brings value to so many involved; consumers, venues, Apps and POS. Andrew joins an amazing Board of Directors and will ensure we’re focused on building on our great momentum, helping Doshii become the preferred technology choice for connecting consumers and their Apps with venues and POS systems,” says Sean.

“Other than continuing our core service offerings, the team have been busy enhancing the Doshii Dashboard. This will allow venues access to metrics and business performance which will soon allow benchmarking for venues to see aggregated and anonymised trends. We want to drive more value to venues using Doshii Certified POS.”

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