Introducing a trio of new members to Doshii’s team

by Richard Owens | Jan 08, 2018 | Latest Company Announcements

In September last year, we added three new members to the team.  We hadn’t had a chance to introduce the new team (until now) and discuss what roles they are handing and how they are adding to our existing team.  So, let’s find out a bit about each of them…


Greg Williams

Head of Product

Greg is Head of Product at Doshii, working closely with POS vendors, App developers, and venues to get connected. With a background in business development, engineering and enterprise-architecture, Greg has gained a rich experience in Australia and UK in key technical, marketing and management activities. He has implemented, managed and advised on interfaces that have formed the backbone of FinTech/RegTech, Healthcare, Telecoms and Major-Events sectors.



John Twomey


As Doshii’s CTO and Developer, John draws on extensive time spent at Transurban, Mazda and Sun Microsystems to provide valuable insights at Doshii. With more than two decades experience working on middleware and integration for companies in both Australia and the U.S, establishing robust, scalable solutions to deliver that seamless connectivity that Doshii is proud to provide.  



Stefan Aichholzer

Lead Developer

Stefan joined us as Lead Developer and Node.js expert. Stefan moved to Melbourne after six years of running his own company, based in the Netherlands, and mainly offering a CTO-as-a-Service product to US and European startups. At the age of ten, Stefan started software development to write his own games and over the years has accrued an extended knowledge in a variety of languages, frameworks, and platforms.




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