Benefits of the Tanda API integration


Integrating POS software with Tanda assists users to make smarter rostering decisions, that are specifically tailored to the requirements of the business.

• View sales, revenue, and workforce data in one place.
• Track sales against staff count.
• Measure staffing costs as a percentage of revenue.
• Use imported POS and demand data to optimise staff rosters.
• View detailed and tailored reports of sales revenue and labour costs.

As a result of the integration, users will also have unlimited access to Tanda’s entire suite of workforce management solutions, including Tanda’s newly released Predictive Workforce TM software. Tanda’s workforce management solution includes:

• online Award & EA costed rosters,
• electronic time clocking and timesheets,
• automatic Award & EA interpretation,
• simple leave management, and
• seamless payroll integration with all major payroll providers.

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To get started with Doshii and Tanda, customers will need a Doshii Location ID and Tanda account. Find out how to get your Doshii location ID here.

For more information about pricing and how to get started with Tanda please contact one of Tanda’s friendly Business Consultants.


Setup / Configuration

Users can connect their Tanda and Doshii accounts by following the steps below. To connect Impos, H&L, and Starrtec to Tanda:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Select the Doshii tab.

3. Enter your Doshii Location ID.

4. Tanda will automatically connect the POS software and begin importing POS data.

Customers requiring further assistance configuring their Tanda and Doshii integration can contact Tanda’s Customer Success Consultants for more information.

Get Started with Tanda

For more information about Tanda and how you can get started please visit the Tanda website or speak to one of our friendly Business Consultants.

Phone: 1300 859 117




Already have a Tanda account?

For more information about configuring your Tanda and Doshii account integration, please contact our experienced Customer Success Consultants.

Phone: 1300 859 117


About Tanda

Tanda offers a wide range of support and services to ensure users become confident, competent and comfortable using the software. Users can access a range of self-help articles and guides via the Tanda Help Centre, as well as in-app assistance in order to navigate the software themselves. Users requiring further support and assistance can contact a Tanda Customer Success Consultant via phone, email and in-app chat for immediate support


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