SmartOrdering is a mobile and web ordering ahead solution that provides a generic framework for customising ordering workflows allowing for a quick and affordable setup of an order ahead solution using web only, native app only, or both. Although generic, SmartOrdering is a ‘platform’ that is relatively flexible so as to meet the unique order workflows that some clients may have –  which makes it such a good fit with Doshii.

SmartOrdering works with hospitality to set up mobile food ordering, retail for mobile shopping, and even service-based businesses for self-serve appointment scheduling. SmartOrdering also handles payment, and integrates seamlessly with Doshii powered Points of Sale.


Benefits of Integration

Signing up for the SmartOrdering platform will get you:

  • A responsive website widget for web ordering AND/OR
  • A branded native app for both iOS and Android that your customers can use to order and pay.
  • Pickups and deliveries supported.
  • Payments integration with PayPal, Credit Card gateways or just pay on delivery/pickup through the platform.
  • Free push notifications sent directly to customers’ phones. For example, you could send your customers a message on a slow day to increase sales or offer coupon campaigns/discounts.
  • Full Doshii integration, with customer, payment and order info flowing through.
  • Easy setup with automatic product and pricing synchronisation between POS and app.
  • Print using your existing infrastructure.


The only requirement for the integration is a Doshii-enabled Point Of Sale system.

Then select your preferred plan and let us do the rest!

Setup / Configuration

Download some of our live apps or try out our fully functional responsive demo Web store and the web based demo Admin.

Learn more here

Once you are familiar with our offering, please contact us and we will walk you through the integration process. Integration with Doshii is a breeze through automatic synchronisation and loading of products, including pricing updates.

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Supported POS Vendors

  • Impos
  • Starrtec
  • H&L Sysnet

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