All the critical business Apps you need to run a successful hospitality business. All in one place.


Put your customers in charge of ordering, browsing your menu and placing their order directly with your POS, all from the convenience of their seat.

Mr Yum

Ordering using beautiful, mobile menus with photos of every dish, ingredient definitions and language translations. Mr Yum helps you decide what to order.


Using artificial intelligence (AI), Tabsquare helps drive restaurants’ profitability by creating seamless operations, saving labour costs, boosting average cover value and speeding up table turns.


LOKE's team cover everything from custom ERP integration through to staff training. In collaboration with expert marketing team LOKE delivers the results and positive ROI your business needs.


Partner with Mimu to simplify and enhance your customer's experience, and give your staff more time to focus on delivering great customer service.

Smart Table

Smart Table allows your customers to order directly from their table via their smart device, without the need of a waiter. Smart Table also allows users to book a


Leading provider of IPTV-based entertainment solutions for hotels, hospitals, multi dwelling units and enterprises.