Five Hospitality Apps Your Business Needs

Better Catering To Your Customers Every Need 

With everyone having less time and more information available at the touch of button today – is your venue harnessing technology which will bring you more covers and revenue? With an App for everything, every venue can gain more patrons, have quicker payments, drive more loyalty, make happier staff, and add  deep data driven insights all making for better customer experiences.

1. Get Found By The Locals and Visitors

Word of mouth is still the best (and cheapest) method of marketing to new customers but what happens if they are not from the area, haven’t researched local venues or don’t speak the language? Their device may be the best tool you can access to direct their feet to your door.

There are many review platforms that can make hospitality recommendations for the patron based on location, but then there are truly smart technology platforms.

Mr Yum turns every order into an experience instead of a transaction and ensures that every craving can be met at festivals, markets and pop-up events using digitalised menus, QR Code ordering and a map of how to reach the venue. This clever App platform allows venues to display beautiful images of their dishes as well as list ingredients and offer the menu in multiple languages. QVM markets in Melbourne have over 40 food vendors in one place who use Mr Yum to get found by hungry passing trade every Wednesday night.


2. An Efficient Online Booking System

Apps such as TableTime, Resy and OpenTable have each a huge subscriber base who are used to the convenience of making a reservation, joining a waitlist, getting directions to a venue and investigating what other patrons have said they enjoyed during their visit. 

A reservation system should be able to store a visitors information and help identify returning VIPs’ and loyal customers as a tool to remarket with special offers, note preferred seating and notify staff and management of the patrons impending visit and previous spending patterns by linking the reservation to the venues POS.

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3. Loyalty That Is Delightful

A platform like BeamWallet guides subscribers via their loyalty program to venues and encourages them to try something new with bespoke marketing campaigns in a localised area. 

OrderUp! improves the customer experience by enabling them to order directly to your venue 24/7 with no taking up a staff member time or duplication of the order as it is streamed directly to the kitchen. A notification is sent to the customer when their order will be ready.

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4. Rostering Software Saves You Time

Managing shifts and rosters and staff can be very time consuming and difficult to manage but with apps like Tanda which uses data from your POS to identify busy periods and slower times for your venue.

These Apps use machine learning software to create innovative algorithms to predict schedules. They also have seamless payroll integration, easy employee onboarding and automated award interpreters that automatically calculates hospitality Award rates set by Fair Work Australia.

These apps and web platforms provide venues with valuable data and analytics directly from the point of sale (POS)

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5. Point of Sale – Ka-ching!

An efficient point-of-sale system is an absolute must for a hospitality business. Systems such as NCR, Impos or H&L can give you a daily breakdown of your highest- and lowest-selling items as well as staff costs versus food costs versus money in from patrons, which is a great planning tool for staff shift rostering.

Your POS should help you provide better service to your customers, accept quicker payments, help you track inventory and stock but most of all your POS should offer your business insights which can be easily accessed using a Business Intelligence tool for you to make better-informed decisions.

Embracing this type of software means that you can save time and effort when matching receipts to payments and ensure that all transactions can point back to the source of truth. It removes any guesswork and ensures a more efficient operation.

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Is your venue being left behind by moving with the times and providing the convenience customers demand?

Doshii is a marketplace of critical Apps you need to run a modern venue, connected to your POS. All in one place. Doshii’s marketplace boasts over 30 apps that each drive new revenue opportunities and reduce operational costs for hospitality venues. 

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