Doshii’s year in review

As we come to the end of 2016, it’s always good to sit back and reflect on the year. And for Doshii, what an amazing year it’s been.  We went from being a cool idea, developed out of our investor’s office (kitchen, really), to a fully-fledged, independent business.

Our reception in the Australian marketplace could not have been better – whether we’re talking to POS, apps or venues, they are all crying out for someone like Doshii to simplify their lives:  venues are desperate to have a simplified way to getting all of their systems to talk to each other; POS need to integrate with best of breed apps; and apps want to integrate with POS, but with over 100 POS in the Australian market, that task is mission-impossible.  In other words, to the question, is there a product – market fit, we can answer with a resounding: Yes!

There have been many, many highlights, some significant, some silly (see photo of our office pet below), but all have contributed to turning Doshii from a cool product into a real business.  

Connoshii, our office pet

In particular, a few stand out:

  • Recently processing our 100,000th order; we are now processing thousands of orders each and every day for Australian consumers & restaurants
  • Facilitating the launch of the ANZ Blade Pay Pilot – an awesome sign of how Doshii can help banks create a truly innovative merchant payment solution
  • More than doubling the size of our POS network since we launched
  • Moving into our new home at York Butter Factory – amazing to be around such innovative, inspiring people
  • Launching with the KitKat pop up store, which uses Doshii to create a seamless customer experience
  • Moving to our ‘future-state’ architecture – so we can scale as large and as fast as the market demands.

With all that in the rear-view mirror, 2017 is shaping up to be a massive year for us – we aim to work with more banks, integrate with the global food delivery players taking Australia by storm, and build a POS network that will allow every restaurant in Australia to enjoy the benefits of being Doshii-integrated.   
All of these achievements have been made possible by our amazing team and investors.  Their support and hard work have been superb.  And of course to our customers, current and future, we thank you for your support.  We look forward to working with you all to deliver our promise of ‘Connected Hospitality and Retail’ for years to come.

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