Doshii-Tappr integration helps you accept payments faster

Doshii are pleased to announce the addition of Tappr to its portfolio of successful integrations. Tappr is an Australian payment technology company that is redefining the way people pay. Through its simple 3-step process (sign up, start taking payments and receive funds next day), the company is turning the payments industry on its head and improving the customer payment experience at the same time.

Tappr CEO, Michael Davidson, says his company and Doshii share a common vision to connect and simplify everyday life. “Tappr is excited about our new partnership with Doshii. We both live in the world of payments and we’re striving to simplify a space that’s becoming increasingly complex and messy. With the Doshii-integration we see an organisation that views the world the way we do,” he says.

“The Doshii partnership will allow us to bring our vision for payments to life in more ways and with more businesses”. – Michael Davidson, CEO, Tappr.


Tappr Integration


Tappr’s product suite extends beyond just cash and card, using mobile payments, payment agnostic smart terminals and a virtual terminal – all centralised within a feature-rich dashboard, which is the central hub. Via the Doshii API – which connects Apps with POS in real-time – businesses may see all their transactions, integrate payment terminals, and update business details in one place.

Connecting your POS to Tappr via Doshii happens quickly and easily through the Tappr Marketplace. Once integrated, transacting and recording payments is seamless; the integration will streamline transactions, simplify end-of-day procedures and give venues greater insights into daily sales.

Doshii GM, Greg Williams, says they are looking forward to an ongoing partnership with Tappr. “Their mobile payment solutions are next-generation in payment technology. Tappr accepts all major credit cards and debit cards as well as digital wallets. And we’re really impressed with their super-quick activation timeframes too.”

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To contact Tappr, ring 1300 804 091, or visit


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