Doshii saves restaurants time and Deliveroo delivers

The Doshii and Deliveroo partnership is growing.

Deliveroo is on a mission to transform the way we order food. Partnering with national favourites to local hotspots – Deliveroo brings delicious food that customers love, right to their door or office.

In the past, Deliveroo orders typically took around 90 seconds for restaurants to manually enter and process. The Doshii-Deliveroo integration provides significant savings by allowing restaurants to focus their efforts and resources on front-of-house operations, reducing errors and making it even easier and quicker for staff to process orders.

Hungry customers are near you, and searching to order a meal and have it delivered now.

More and more restaurants are using Deliveroo delivery services and are making use of the Doshii platform. The venue no longer needs to have a staff member duplicate the order into their Point of sale (POS) system or to house an additional cumbersome tablet to receive the order. The order is simply streamed to the venue and captured by the POS system; the transaction is seamless. No manual capture mistakes, no special staff training and an optimised experience for customer and venue. See more here

Integrating directly with the POS also removes the need for restaurants to reconcile between the Deliveroo App and the POS. This creates further time efficiencies for restaurants and their staff, who may have multiple order ahead apps that all need to be reviewed and matched up at the end of the month.

On average, order to delivery is completed within 30 minutes and Deliveroo customers are loving the convenience. By constantly innovating and expanding, Deliveroo offers convenience to those who are hungry and ready to search via their app or other devices, order and pay then wait for the order to be delivered.

Through tech improvements and innovations, Deliveroo has already cut its delivery time by 20%, meaning riders are able to complete more deliveries per hour and increase their earnings, restaurants are able to increase their sales, and – of course – customers get their food even faster. Machine learning helps Deliveroo to predict the time it will take to prepare a meal, helping to streamline the delivery experience.

For venues, Deliveroo offers tools to market your restaurant, online ordering and delivery, a strong rider network, easy to use technology and a great customer experience. Thousands of potential customers are searching the Deliveroo platform daily.

With the Doshii API and Deliveroo – we are delivering success

Is your venue interested in getting started with integrating your point of sale system into Deliveroo and become more efficient and avoid future manual order entry mistakes? Doshii offers a FREE lite version – click here to see if our LITE freemium package is the right one for your venue.

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