Doshii Pleased to Announce CEO: Sean O’Meara

Doshii CEO - Sean O'Meara
Doshii CEO – Sean O’Meara

Doshii is pleased to announce the appointment of Sean O’Meara as CEO.

Sean is the founder of Doshii and has 12 years of experience across Point of Sale (POS), Apps, payment and data integrations. This makes him the ideal candidate to help bridge the gap and grow Doshii by connecting Apps and POS.

Over the coming weeks and months Doshii will be expanding its App and (POS) partner network, making it easier to connect your App, POS or in-store venue to the Doshii marketplace – saving time and money for all involved whilst simplifying the current un-scalable process of integration between Apps and POS.

“Doshii solves a very real problem for POS, Apps and venues. The POS market is extremely fragmented and the amount of Apps entering the hospitality and retail market requiring integration with POS is increasing rapidly. This was the entire reasoning behind the creation of Doshii. Doshii provides a common API to connect POS and Apps. This allows both POS and Apps to focus on product development not integrations, allowing a faster way to market and saving an enormous amount of time and money. As Apps and POS continue to join and more venues become ‘Doshii Ready’ the value Doshii provides grows immensely.” Says O’Meara.

“The Doshii API supports a number of ‘Service Channels’ from ordering, payments, reservations, loyalty, rostering and data. Numerous Apps are already live in market utilising Doshii which manages the data connection to the in-store with more yet to come. We are also in interim discussions with POS across other market verticals including health & pharmaceutical markets as well as geographical POS companies in Africa and the ASEAN markets.” O’Meara continues.

To learn more about how Doshii can help you get your apps to connect with your POS, contact us now.

To understand more about Doshii we have created two short videos.

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