Doshii partners with mobecom for airBux wallet, customer ordering and loyalty App.

Doshii partners with Mobecom for airBux API launch

Doshii is pleased to announce a partnership with Mobecom for the launch of the new airBux API in 2018. With this partnership, the launch will see airBux integration be able to be accepted across thousands of venues in the Australian market and soon to be many more venues across ASEAN and South African markets.  ‘Doshii’s venue network is growing and is set to rapidly increase with expansion into ASEAN and South African markets. This expansion is an exciting time and current discussions show high demand for Doshii across these markets which will increase the number of venues Doshii can provide access to.’ Doshii’s CEO Sean O’Meara explains.  According to O’Meara they have only recently been conducting meetings in Singapore which have been extremely promising.  

Read the full press release form Mobecom here.


Doshii offers 13,000 points of acceptance

The airbux special purpose vehicle model will enable the global licensing of the application and will allow for international loyalty schemes to be run. Doshii supplies middleware platforms with a network of over 13,000 points of acceptance in Australian and South East Asia. Under the partnership, Doshii will allow Mobecom to seamlessly access and connect airBux and other Mobecom applications to the POS territories in these locations.

Doshii speeds market integration

By partnering with Mobecom, Doshii dramatically increases the speed to market for airBux, to provide quick and easy onboarding processes for both merchants and their customers. Doshii’s involvement will also help to leverage the existing Mobecom network in South Africa to expand the technology in the region and benefit growth in this territory.

One of the keys to developing airBux successfully is to establish a well-populated two-sided market for participating merchants and consumers. From day one with the involvement of Doshii, airBux will be able to offer loyalty schemes and POS integration.

Equity and revenue sharing promotes success

Both parties will benefit from equity and revenue sharing arrangements that will provide a significant incentive for all involved to push the development of the system and ensure that it pervades into all areas where access is viable.

Doshii will serve as the key technology partner in Australia and is joined by other significant names in Singapore (NETS) and South Africa (Electronic Line).

Doshii and airBux will benefit from widespread marketing on an international scale. This will be run by media giants in the territories to ensure that all parties benefit form the launch of the airBux app and POS integration is taken up from day one of launch. Partnerships with local media companies will be leveraged to promote the launch of airBux and as a result, Doshii will benefit from widespread marketing in Australia, which will help to boost the prominence of the brand and increase the use of both Doshii and airBux.

To benefit from the launch of airBux in Australia in 2018, contact Doshii today to get setup with your POS integration and embrace the future of technology for merchants and customers alike.

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