Doshii September Update

Doshii Update

Doshii recently completed maintenance patches and deployments. No outage occurred during this process.

These improvements include enhancements to web-socket communications with partner apps. The design of our infrastructure has been improved to handle higher transaction capacity.

The latest DevOps improvements have also simplified deployments and will result in less downtime and more frequent updates whilst ensuring stability across the Beta-Sandbox, Sandbox, Live environments.


Sign up process – streamlined for Apps, POS & venues

Our team is finalising development of a new sign up process to allow venues, Apps and POS to sign up and activate a venue automatically. This process will return your VenueID, which allows your POS and any Apps to integrate and communicate via Doshii. Watch out for the announcement when we go live with the new activation process. In the interim, if you would like assistance signing up and activating your venue please complete this form.

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Card Present Payments & Customer Refunds

We are currently in the process of finalising and publishing to our Beta-sandbox features to support CPP (Card Present Payments). This will be similar in UX as to how traditional software processes payments in that the payment will be initiated on the POS. Doshii provides the entire check/bill information as part of this integration piece and is completely platform agnostic. This new feature allows Apps and payment devices to ‘listen’ to POS messaging from specific POS terminals, regardless of being on the same network as the POS. We are working closely with a number of banking and payment partners to develop CPP feature set, if you have any specific requests around this please reach out to us directly. Customer refunds is also facilitated as part of this release.

Doshii POS Integration API Update

Integration Updates

QSIC are in testing mode across a number of venues using Doshii to match real-time spending trends in venues with music that is being played.

OpenTable have recently gone into pilot mode at selected venues across Australia using Doshii which has been hugely successful.

Obee have signed and anticipate being live at the start of November with Doshii certified POS. You can read more about the Obee integration here.

We are continuing discussions with a number of reservations partners and look forward to providing further updates in the near future.


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Consumer Ordering / Order Ahead

The Live environment has new features specific to Order Ahead Apps including accept/reject as well as pick-up time and time to be ready which has developed to facilitate requests from the likes of MenuLog as well as Tayble.



We are in the process of migrating away from our current documentation platform to Postman docs. This will improve the interactions, detail and ability to learn and use our API for both POS and Apps. This is a huge task (and we’re a small team) so please bare with us as we prioritise the update of the documentation around certification of Apps and POS. We anticipate this to be completed by mid October.


Want to know more about Doshii

If you wanted to know anymore about what we do, the new improvements or you’re keen to make your business systems more integrated, you can send us a message, we’d love to chat.

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