Doshii Image capability for menu items and facial biometrics to change the game for Payment, Ordering and Loyalty Apps

In anticipation of their upcoming Asia Roadshow, Doshii has announced exciting developments in their image exchange capabilities. Following a live proof of concept release in the Doshii Dashboard, the planned expansions to the API will allow venues’ POS and Apps to link images of venues, menu items and members to partners, and ultimately improve the customer experience.

Doshii GM, Greg Williams, says this has been a heavily requested feature over the past few months. “Our developers have been working hard on introducing this functionality. With the latest release of the Doshii Dashboard, we’ve successfully introduced support for images as a proof of concept and will be extending this capability in coming months.”

“This feature is aimed at supporting ordering, payment and loyalty Apps that all face the same challenges: constantly changing menus at venues as well as new, modern payment options – that have the capability to identify the individual via facial recognition.

“Currently, it’s a manual and often duplicated process for venues to send or update images of menu items to Apps. We will solve this problem by allowing Apps and POS to share images, in addition to providing the menu name, pricing and other essential information already possible with the one common Doshii API.”

“Apps and POS will benefit from a centralised platform – Doshii Dashboard – which makes images available quickly and easily and saves both venues and Apps a lot of time and effort,” he says.

Doshii’s image processing ability is planned to facilitate this by displaying the image of a customer’s face (if they choose to opt-in) on the POS in real-time as a payment method, or for them to be recognised with loyalty App partners.

LOKE Facial Recognition - Doshii API
“LOKE uses Doshii & images to enhance the customer experience”

Biometric payments are set to grow exponentially in coming years with OC&C Strategy Consultants predict that the Voice Assistance (VA) shopping market will grow to $40bn by 2022, from $2bn today.

Biometrics dramatically improve the customer experience and make purchasing more secure. This was validated in a recent Oxford/Mastercard survey, with 93% of respondents saying they prefer biometrics over traditional passwords. It won’t be long before voice and other biometric payments go mainstream – giving future-facing companies like Doshii a fast start over the competition.

Doshii CEO Sean O’Meara says the Doshii team are looking forward to meeting potential partners on the upcoming Asia Roadshow. “We recently announced an integration with Raptor POS – the first POS vendor in the ASEAN market to partner with us. We are receiving an enormous amount of interest across all countries in Asia from POS and Apps, particularly given our reputation as an agile and responsive partner and the lack of anything similar to Doshii across the Asian Countries.

Doshii says their drive for Asian expansion is due to the increase in bespoke and aggregator-based ordering and payment Apps driving demand in the region. These all face the same hurdle: a common API to connect to POS. Doshii solves this problem, as the dominant platform for ordering and delivery, payments, reservations, loyalty and real-time data and analytics.”


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