Doshii at the Grant Thornton Bankers Boot Camp

Doshii were recently honoured with an invitation to talk at the Grant Thornton Bankers Bootcamp, to showcase Doshii’s business model as well as allowing CEO Sean O’Meara to provide some inspiration to those at the event through talking about his personal work history and how Doshii came to fruition.

The Grant Thornton Bankers Boot Camp has been running successfully for several years now, and provides bankers and their customers with fresh new ideas on how to revolutionise key parts of the industry. This year’s boot camp aimed to predict some of the key challenges that might arise in the next 12 months, and provide solutions for these challenges ahead of time. One of the biggest considerations this year related to how bankers and customers can meet regulatory challenges, whilst still identifying important opportunities in an increasingly dynamic market.

This year, there were half day conferences in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. The Bankers Boot Camp also received sponsorship from a few big names, including Henry Davis York, Norton Rose Fulbright, CBRE and Dominion Group. The  event provides those attending with a vital real-life legal and commercial perspective on the biggest upcoming challenges within the industry.

Sean took part in the Bankers Boot Camp as part of a Q&A session with Matt Byrnes, a partner at Financial Advisory. As guest speaker at the event, Sean was able to talk in depth about his experiences as a young entrepreneur across multiple different business. He traced his career’s journey from its very beginnings, growing up in a small country town before he moved to Melbourne for university where he studied business. Sean then got involved in a whole range of trades, including time spent working at a CAD software company, importing screws, owning several bars, beginning the point of sale software company Impos, before finally moving to lead the charge at Doshii, which Sean originally incepted and incubated two years ago.

The event was a great success, as Sean managed not just to provide inspiration for those just beginning their careers, but also stirred up interest in Doshii and how we work as a company and managing the teams.


At the end of the talk, there were a number of insightful questions fielded from the audience. Whether boot camp attendees wanted to know more about how exactly Doshii makes money, which is through app subscriptions for connecting to POS partners via the Doshii API and maintaining that integration at a fraction of the cost of independent integration. Or the most valuable business lessons Sean feels he has learned thus far from his experience at the head of the company or over the course of his working life; “In life you will only ever have two hands, and it’s important to understand your own limitations. There’s nothing wrong with seeking assistance from others – whether that’s in terms of a business requiring help from Doshii when it comes to taking care of the connection between multiple POS, or as the CEO of a growing company receiving support from his customers and colleagues.” – Sean O’Meara

If you’d like to find out more about Doshii, why not check out our website here: – we’re always looking to welcome new companies into the Doshii family, helping you to streamline your POS and app integration to make things a whole lot easier for your business. Connect once, connect everything with Doshii.

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