Apps on the menu: Doshii connects Smart Table to POS for frictionless ordering

Doshii Smart Table Integration API

Breakthroughs in technology have made our lives significantly easier. However, they have also raised the expectations of consumers. Consumers today have come to expect fast, frictionless experiences that fit in with our busy lives.

The food and beverage services industry is no exception, and there is an increasing number of Apps that make it quicker and easier to book a table at a restaurant, select a meal and order it ahead of time. This reduced customer friction is a big plus for any venue.

Doshii recently added Smart Table to its portfolio of successful food and beverage industry partners. This ground-breaking App allows customers to order directly from their table via their own device, without needing the attention of a waiter. Orders are sent directly to a venue’s POS software system utilising the Doshii Platform.

According to Smart Table General Manager, Matthew Pustahya, his company’s App helps venues improve their customers’ dine-in experience by placing the power of live ordering in their hands. They simply browse the menu, select meal options and place an order that goes straight to the kitchen. “Being able to accept and service an order via a single terminal has helped our clients improve their service and efficiency levels dramatically,” he says.

“Having Smart Table integrate directly with the Point of Sale (POS) via the Doshii Platform is a game-changer for us and our clients. It reduces the chances of human error, as staff no longer need to accept an order via a tablet and then manually enter it into their POS – the benefits for the venue is decreasing labour costs. It’s all automated,” Matthew explains.

“It’s a complete dining experience for customers. If they are in a hurry, they can book a table at a venue through Smart Table and order their meal. When they arrive, their food is on the table, so they can enjoy their meal immediately and then leave.”

The Doshii-Smart Table partnership also allows venue managers to oversee and personalise menu options and floor configuration and even lets them send live updates and special offers directly to customers. The Smart Table App gives them flexibility and helps eliminate wasted minutes in their day.

Table bookings also appear on the POS table management system, if it has one. This avoids potential double bookings if a venue is working off non-integrated platforms.

On top of this, the Doshii-Smart Table integration ensures that accounting is spot-on. “You won’t have to worry about end-of-day reconciliation discrepancies any longer,” says Matthew.


How Does Smart Table Work?

Smart Table is one of a select group of Australian dine-in self-ordering services. Customers simply download the Smart Table App then follow a straightforward 3-step process to enjoy a quick, efficient and pleasurable dining experience:

1. Download the Smart Table App.
2. Scan your table QR code.
3. Order and enjoy your food, with custom ordering and previous order history to select from.
4. Pay immediately, or with cash when leaving.

Smart Table is ordering made easy.

Smart Table Integration API Doshii       Smart Table API Integration Doshii


4 Key Benefits of Smart Table

1. Improves service efficiency.
2. Reduces operational expenditure.
3. Maximises customer spending.
4. Increases overall margins.


How Does Smart Table Do All This?

A Smart Table survey found poor staff work ethic, low knowledge and skill levels, recruitment, retention and the rising cost of wages as the main obstacles to profitability. By taking the pressure off order-taking the App reduces your reliance on staff and allows you to redirect their time to more value-added customer-facing tasks.

It also reduces customer friction by making it easier for them to pay and receive an order. This makes your customers happier, leading to return visits and increased word-of-mouth referrals. And, according to the Deloitte 2017 Travel and Hospitality Industry Outlook, 26% of customers spend more when ordering food through food or drink using Apps.

The Doshii-Smart Table partnership also improves overall margins. According to the 2015 Bankwest Food and Beverage Services Industry report, profit margins for the industry are consistently lower than the 10.9% all-industry average, with operating profit before tax only 7.9% of total income. Smart Table helps reduce expenditure and increase customer spending.


Additional Smart Table Features

  • Order direct from mobile device
  • Scan QR Code
  • Pre-Order your favourite meals
  • Display dietary details
  • Payments are safe and secure
  • Support custom ordering

Smart Table API Features

Benefits of the Doshii App to POS Software Integration

Once a customer scans their table number and places an order using Smart Table, your POS system will notify a waiter who confirms the order on-screen. The POS system then prints the order, exactly the same as if a waiter enters the order in to the POS system.This is a quick and simple step for staff members to follow, which fits into the existing workflow and frees them up for more value-added customer-facing activities.


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Want to know more about Smart Table?


If you’d like to contact Smart Table to find out more about their solution, get in touch with Ed Badawi by email or by phone 0424 042 127.


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