Doshii Is Bringing Venues and Technology Seamlessly Together

by Chantal Bronkhorst | Aug 02, 2019 | Newsletter
Doshii August 2019 Update This month we are excited to share a success story from Sydney’s Silly Tart Kitchen using the Doshii-Beam integration, we announce a successful integration with Mr Yum, and we introduce a new member of the Doshii management team. Stay up-to-date with our latest updates via Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. Schedule a Call with a Doshii Expert Venue Spotlight: Sydney’s Silly […]

Mr Yum partners with Doshii to seamlessly connect to POS systems

by Chantal Bronkhorst | Aug 01, 2019 | App Spotlight
Mr Yum, an innovative startup that allows customers to see a visual version of a venue’s menu on their phone by simply hovering their camera over a QR code, has recently partnered with Doshii to seamlessly connect to POS systems. Imagine Instagram for the restaurant menu but better! Most menus don’t bring a flutter to […]

Sydney’s Silly Tart Kitchen gains better returns with Beam Wallet and Doshii

by Chantal Bronkhorst | Jul 31, 2019 | Venue Case Study
With the tagline “Pay with your phone, earn rewards” Beam is so much more than a mobile payment and rewards App. Patrons who pay with Beam get 10% back, always, and can then spend that loyalty “reward” at any of their live stores across Potts Point, Darlinghurst, Surry Hills and surrounds. For the business owner, […]

Doshii scoops up ‘last mile delivery’ industry leader, Clive Thorpe, as Managing Director

by Chantal Bronkhorst | Jul 22, 2019 | Latest Company Announcements
Doshii, leader in API POS & App connectivity, today announced that App marketplace technology executive Clive Thorpe has joined the company as Managing Director. Thorpe has been at the forefront of table reservations, online delivery and last mile delivery for over 10 years. Thorpe was CEO and general manager for Delivery Hero’s Australian business, which […]

What’s New at Doshii: July 2019

by Chantal Bronkhorst | Jul 03, 2019 | Newsletter
We’re excited to share some great updates about the Doshii platform, highlight some new POS connected Apps and a new member of the Doshii team. Stay up-to-date with our latest updates via Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. Doshii July 2019 Update About Doshii for Venues Learn more about how Doshii helps your venue with the best hospitality Apps all in one place. New App Store: Making […]

Doshii and Beverage Analytics combine to deliver advanced analytics and offer insights to venues in real time.

by Richard Owens | May 27, 2019 | Latest Company Announcements , Latest Integrations Archives , PR
Doshii and leading hospitality insights company, Beverage Analytics, have combined technologies to bring venues a real-time view of how their operation is performing in the beverages category. The integration means venues no longer need to develop and maintain multiple integrations – they can simply connect a Doshii Certified POS once via the Doshii API to […]

Doshii-Omnivore integration opens global opportunities for Apps and POS

by Richard Owens | Apr 26, 2019 | Latest Integrations Archives
Doshii and Omnivore are pleased to announce an extension to their global agreement to immediately allow Doshii connected Apps to integrate to Omnivore-connected POS which include an addressable market over 89% of venues in North America and Europe including the likes of Oracle Micros and NCR Aloha including a variety of leading cloud POS providers. […]

Meet the Doshii team: Alex Levine, Ops Manager

by Richard Owens | Apr 25, 2019 | Latest Company Announcements
At Doshii we’re lucky to be surrounded by a talented, intelligent, and motivated team. In this series, we’ll learn more about the people behind Doshii. Meet Doshii Operation Manager, Alex Levine. Before returning to Australia, Alex worked in London, where he consulted and implemented Oracle technologies for various well-known companies. His most recent role was […]

Doshii-Mimu integration brings simple, 3-step ordering-ahead to busy bars

by Richard Owens | Apr 05, 2019 | Latest Integrations Archives
Doshii is pleased to announce another successful integration. The latest is with mobile App, Mimu, which is helping transform the way we order food and drink in bars and restaurants. Mimu eliminates time spent waiting to order by letting patrons order ahead from their mobile phone. To start the ordering process, customers simply open the Mimu […]

Deliveroo partners with Doshii to bring down restaurant costs

by Richard Owens | Mar 21, 2019 | API Integration Archives , PR , Uncategorized
Doshii is excited to announce a significant integration with leading food company Deliveroo. The partnership will streamline the processing of orders and make the delivery of Australia’s favourite restaurant foods to customers’ doors even more seamless. Restaurants who partner with Deliveroo can utilise Doshii’s API to connect customer ordering direct to their POS. This eliminates the […]

Doshii-PosPay integration connects the digital and offline worlds to drive customer engagement

by Richard Owens | Mar 15, 2019 | API Integration Archives
Doshii is pleased to announce an integration with mobile customer engagement and payment platform PosPay. Doshii’s API, which connects Apps with POS in real-time, links PosPay with access to thousands of venues to provide an enhanced customer experience for large hospitality operations. PosPay delivers seamless, location-based ordering for customers at restaurants, hotels and festivals by […]

Doshii welcomes Silicon Valley Product and Marketplace specialist as strategic advisor

by Richard Owens | Mar 14, 2019 | Latest Company Announcements
Doshii is pleased to welcome former Head of Product across the Uber Developer Platform and Silicon Valley maven, Chris Saad, as a strategic advisor to the team advising on Product development and go to market strategies both locally and across Asia. He has come on board to lend his vast experience and skills to further develop […]

Doshii-Beam integration brings businesses up close and personal with the right customers

by Richard Owens | Feb 28, 2019 | API Integration Archives
Doshii is delighted to announce a partnership with payment and rewards platform, Beam. This global tech startup has offices in Dubai, Sydney and Gothenburg, Sweden, and is currently the leading mobile wallet app in the UAE. It also appears at number 5 in the Financial IT Pathfinder rankings for 2016/7. Beam’s success pivots off its […]

What is Doshii Certification? Guided integration to a secure API platform

by Richard Owens | Jan 23, 2019 | Latest Company Announcements
In today’s fast-moving software environment, it can be easy to become complacent over the need for testing and certification. This is particularly true for any work that is customer-facing. Consumers will very quickly vote with their thumbs if an experience is anything less than positive. Neutral won’t cut it, and a poor experience could mean […]

Let music boost your bottom line with Doshii-Qsic integration

by Richard Owens | Jan 15, 2019 | Latest Integrations Archives
We’ve all heard – and probably experienced – how restaurants increase the tempo of their music to increase their table turnover rate, or encourage lingering patrons or shoppers to move on at the end of a long day. That used to be the extent of the science behind music in the hospitality and retail industries. […]

Round up of the new Doshii API Platform features from 2018

by Richard Owens | Jan 14, 2019 | Latest Company Announcements
Doshii’s API platform grew significantly during 2018. We saw a number of leading App & POS companies join the Doshii network. which has led to some new features coming directly through our partner community. This allowed our App and POS partners to focus on their core strengths, leaving us to take care of data transfer […]

Newly appointed Doshii Chairman sees opportunity to improve connectivity in hospitality and retail worlds

by Richard Owens | Nov 29, 2018 | Latest Company Announcements
Doshii’s new Chairman, Andrew Rothwell, is a visionary. The self-described “extroverted software engineer turned company strategy, product and sales leader” co-founded business banking startup and success story Tyro Payments in 2003 and now has his eyes set on rising star Doshii. “Doshii’s API Platform lets consumer Apps and traditional and digital payment methods connect to […]

Last month at Doshii: October 2018

by Richard Owens | Nov 09, 2018 | Newsletter
Last month has been an exciting month at Doshii. We are thrilled to talk about integration partnerships which enable venues to take control of online ordering, optimise staff time and attendance management, and improve consumer experiences through integrated AI solutions. Our CTO John Twomey also discusses real-time communication through API Integration. Stay up-to-date with our latest updates […]

TabSquare partners with Doshii to launch AI-powered ordering solutions

by Richard Owens | Nov 09, 2018 | Latest Integrations Archives
Doshii is pleased to announce an integration with Singapore-based restaurant tech startup TabSquare, with the first pilot venue already live in Australia. TabSquare is a digital menu and ordering App that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to personalise the experience for consumers while increasing a venue’s operational efficiency – according to TabSquare venues see an increase in […]

Take control of your online ordering with OrderUp! + Doshii certified POS

by Richard Owens | Nov 09, 2018 | Latest Integrations Archives
Doshii is pleased to announce a new partnership with OrderUp! – a cloud-based online ordering platform that enables hospitality businesses to sell their products online via their own branded website and App. OrderUp! has been operating since 2010 and services hundreds of independent venues as well as major chains including Betty’s Burgers, Grill’d, Nando’s, and […]

Time attendance and rostering platform Tanda optimises staffing levels in real-time with Doshii

by Richard Owens | Oct 29, 2018 | Latest Integrations Archives
Doshii is excited to showcase an integration with global staff time and attendance management platform, Tanda. This cloud-based groundbreaking workforce success software offers strong payroll and rostering features, as well as powerful real-time insights that help businesses track the correlation between sales and labour. This is particularly valuable in the hospitality industry, as business managers […]

What’s New at Doshii: September 2018

by Richard Owens | Sep 30, 2018 | Newsletter
Following Coca-Cola Amatil’s investment last month we are excited to announce a series of ongoing local and international partnerships. Our latest integrations aim to redefine the way merchants accept payments, and help create seamless dining experiences. We announced a new feature this month that the Doshii API now supports webhooks for Apps, and our CTO John Twomey […]

Doshii and Waitrr integration creates a seamless dining experience

by Richard Owens | Sep 17, 2018 | Latest Integrations Archives
Doshii is pleased to announce another App integration. The latest is with Waitrr, a mobile ordering and payments app that creates seamless dining experiences. Partnered with more than 150 food and beverage outlets across Singapore, Waitrr allows customers to select a restaurant on their mobile device, browse the menu, place a customised order, then pay […]

How Doshii enables real-time async communication between Apps and POS

by John Twomey | Aug 28, 2018 | API Integration Archives
While most webservice APIs will support a standard RESTful request/response mode of interaction, some may provide additional or alternative options via webhooks or WebSockets. These technologies enable different means of communicating with an API, with strengths and weaknesses that vary depending upon the context in which they’re used.   WebSockets WebSockets provide a persistent, socket-like […]

Doshii now supports webhooks for Apps

by Greg Williams | Aug 27, 2018 | Latest Product Announcement
Doshii is constantly listening to its partners and looking for new ways to allow Apps and POS to connect. As a result of discussions and feedback with its development partners via its Community Forum, Doshii is pleased to announce that it now offers webhooks, in addition to its existing support for WebSockets.   Doshii CTO, […]

Coca-Cola Amatil invests in Doshii’s future

by Richard Owens | Aug 21, 2018 | Latest Company Announcements , PR
Doshii is extremely pleased to announce that it has received the first investment made by Coca-Cola Amatil’s corporate venture programme, Amatil X which is a multimillion-dollar program set up to identify and invest in innovative growth opportunities outside of Amatil’s core beverages business. Chris Sullivan, Coca-Cola Amatil Group Director of Partners & Growth, said Amatil X’s […]

How an API Platform dramatically reduces development costs when scaling

by John Twomey | Aug 17, 2018 | API Integration Archives
API Integration Maintenance Overview Whenever a third-party API is integrated with an application, long-term maintenance concerns arise. These concerns can be different depending upon whether a direct integration is performed or a middleware layer is deployed between the application and the third-party API, and the differences can factor when deciding which approach to pursue. In this […]

Doshii-Tappr integration helps you accept payments faster

by Richard Owens | Aug 10, 2018 | Latest Integrations Archives
Doshii are pleased to announce the addition of Tappr to its portfolio of successful integrations. Tappr is an Australian payment technology company that is redefining the way people pay. Through its simple 3-step process (sign up, start taking payments and receive funds next day), the company is turning the payments industry on its head and […]

Everything about API Integration

by John Twomey | Jul 15, 2018 | API Integration Archives
Doshii CTO, John Twomey, has been working on a blog series covering all aspects of API Integration.  The first articles of the series have been released. For more on this series make sure to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, or sign up for our newsletter. Chapters What is API Integration API Integration Basics Architecting Multiple […]

What’s New at Doshii: July 2018

by Richard Owens | Jul 13, 2018 | Newsletter
July has been very exciting for Doshii so far with the continued growth of the Doshii network. New Apps and POS across the ASEAN/APAC regions have signed up and others have completed their certification. The API Platform features have been extended through more suggestions made via the Doshii Community. Our CTO John Twomey has released […]

Apps on the menu: Doshii connects Smart Table to POS for frictionless ordering

by Richard Owens | Jul 12, 2018 | Latest Integrations Archives
Breakthroughs in technology have made our lives significantly easier. However, they have also raised the expectations of consumers. Consumers today have come to expect fast, frictionless experiences that fit in with our busy lives. The food and beverage services industry is no exception, and there is an increasing number of Apps that make it quicker […]

Doshii and Triniteq integration maximises customer engagements

by Richard Owens | Jul 06, 2018 | Latest Integrations Archives
Doshii is pleased to highlight another POS integration – with Triniteq, a company that specialises in building customisable Point of Sale systems that include an integrated Waiterpad, a fully-featured Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and Loyalty platforms. “Triniteq is a popular Australian technology and services provider that specialises in designing scalable business solutions,” says Doshii […]

Doshii Image capability for menu items and facial biometrics to change the game for Payment, Ordering and Loyalty Apps

by Richard Owens | Jun 21, 2018 | Latest Product Announcement
In anticipation of their upcoming Asia Roadshow, Doshii has announced exciting developments in their image exchange capabilities. Following a live proof of concept release in the Doshii Dashboard, the planned expansions to the API will allow venues’ POS and Apps to link images of venues, menu items and members to partners, and ultimately improve the […]

Expectation of major growth signalled by LOKE integration with Doshii

by Richard Owens | Jun 04, 2018 | Latest Integrations Archives
Expectation of major growth signalled by LOKE integration with Doshii Doshii is pleased to announce an integration agreement with LOKE Digital. LOKE are developers of branded apps, offering in-store payments with order-ahead functionality and customisable loyalty features. Doshii General Manager, Greg Williams, says that although the company is Melbourne-based, LOKE boasts a highly successful operation […]

Doshii expands into Asia with signing of Raptor, first major POS in ASEAN market

by Richard Owens | May 07, 2018 | Latest Company Announcements , Latest Integrations Archives
Doshii API, which connects Apps with POS (Point of Sale), is pleased to announce an integration with Raptor POS, which heralds an expansion into the lucrative Asian market. Doshii, which connects Apps with POS in real-time, was backed by Reinventure in Seed funding in January 2017. It has matured its technology and offerings to the […]

What’s new at Doshii: April 2018

by Greg Williams | May 07, 2018 | Newsletter
April has been a busy month at Doshii. App certifications and implementations continue to flow, and there have been some great new features rolled out as a result of collaboration with integrators. This newsletter also highlights our position on data security and expands on the full release of the Doshii Dashboard.   Stay up-to-date with […]

Doshii API Dashboard full release provides critical info at a single glance

by Richard Owens | Apr 12, 2018 | Latest Company Announcements , Latest Product Announcement
In our February newsletter, we announced the release of the Doshii API Dashboard Beta program. It has proved to be very popular with our clients and has now been rolled out for a full release.   Access to the Doshii API Dashboard provides an easy way to manage and monitor all your Doshii integrations from one […]

Doshii’s partner Community drives new Order & payment API features

by Richard Owens | Apr 12, 2018 | API Community , Latest Company Announcements , Latest Product Announcement
Doshii Partner Community   Doshii is expanding its order and payment API to support a number of new services. This is a direct result of great collaboration with integrators via the Doshii Community forum. Doshii Head of Product, Greg Williams, says the forum has been invaluable for product and their partners. “It’s a great source […]

Record Number of Integrations in March

by Greg Williams | Apr 09, 2018 | Newsletter
We have never had so many App certifications in one month before, with some exciting implementations taking place in collaboration with some great partners. Look out for the new integration announcements coming soon. Follow us on Linkedin and @doshii_api for the latest updates.   Check out our new video, which highlights the value that Doshii […]

App Integration: What to watch out for when integrating with multiple Apps

by John Twomey | Apr 07, 2018 | API Integration Archives
Overview To meet their business needs many venues will require integrations with various webservice APIs from their POS systems. While performing an individual App integration does not generally pose any special challenge, small difference across APIs and schemas can quickly lead to increased complexity. App Integration Challenges While starting out on a basic API integration […]

Challenges faced by Apps during POS Integration

by John Twomey | Apr 06, 2018 | API Integration Archives
Overview Directly integrating a mobile app with pre-existing POS systems can present unique challenges not usually encountered when working with modern cloud-based APIs. These challenges can be both technical and business-oriented and tend to stem from the entrenched, walled-garden nature of most POS systems. POS Integration Though somewhat of a niche area, there are use-cases […]

Doshii and Bluflow Integration

by Richard Owens | Mar 16, 2018 | Latest Integrations Archives
  Doshii is thrilled to announce a partnership going forward with a Bluflow integration. Bluflow’s solution which creates advanced digital menu systems is already popular with many businesses, but thanks to a collaboration with Doshii for a reliable POS connection this technology is set to become even more efficient.   After initially meeting with Doshii […]

New API Support & Guide platform from Doshii

by Richard Owens | Mar 09, 2018 | Latest Company Announcements , Latest Product Announcement
New API Support & Guide platform from Doshii   Since 2015, the team at Doshii has been creating and developing API services for integration. Our aim is to make communication between Point of Sale systems and Apps easier, creating a simple and secure experience for customers. However, our new platform, ‘Support & Guide‘ provides an even […]

Doshii hits the ground running in 2018

by Richard Owens | Feb 26, 2018 | Latest Company Announcements , Newsletter
Doshii hits the ground running in 2018 Here’s a quick roundup of what’s been happening here at Doshii, if you want more real-time updates about our content, follow us on Linkedin and @doshiiAPI. New Board Members Doshii is pleased to announce that Michael Starkey & Simon Beckett have been appointed to the Board of Directors […]

Doshii partners with mobecom for airBux wallet, customer ordering and loyalty App.

by Richard Owens | Feb 22, 2018 | Latest Integrations Archives
Doshii partners with Mobecom for airBux API launch Doshii is pleased to announce a partnership with Mobecom for the launch of the new airBux API in 2018. With this partnership, the launch will see airBux integration be able to be accepted across thousands of venues in the Australian market and soon to be many more […]

Michael Starkey & Simon Beckett join Doshii Board of Directors

by Richard Owens | Feb 14, 2018 | About Us , Latest Company Announcements
Doshii appoints Michael Starkey & Simon Beckett to board of Directors Michael Starkey & Simon Beckett have been appointed to The Board of Directors to assist drive strategic growth both locally and throughout ASEAN and South African markets.     Mr. Starkey co-founded iSelect in 1999 and spent eight years at NAB most recently holding […]

What’s New At Doshii In 2018

by Richard Owens | Jan 16, 2018 | Newsletter
New look for Doshii in 2018! What an exciting last 12 months it’s been for the team at Doshii! Updated logo, website, support and documentation We have released our updated logo and message ‘Apps & POS Connected. Connect Once.’ This absolutely sums up the benefit that Doshii provides.   View Homepage     With our […]

Introducing a trio of new members to Doshii’s team

by Richard Owens | Jan 08, 2018 | Latest Company Announcements
In September last year, we added three new members to the team.  We hadn’t had a chance to introduce the new team (until now) and discuss what roles they are handing and how they are adding to our existing team.  So, let’s find out a bit about each of them…   Greg Williams Head of […]

OpenTable and POS Integration Innovating Business Growth

by Richard Owens | Dec 18, 2017 | Latest Integrations Archives
OpenTable is the pioneer and global leader in online restaurant reservations and reservation management space. Since 1998, OpenTable has been powering great dining experiences around the world through restaurant technology, and have become experts in helping restaurants run and grow their businesses, with decades of real-world experience informing everything that they do. The OpenTable network […]

Newsletter: New Doshii Integrations & Updates

by Richard Owens | Nov 29, 2017 | Newsletter
Company Updates The team at Doshii has been busy with further advancements in our technology and spreading the word across the globe about the amazing developments we’re making to the Doshii API.  Various discussions with national and international POS and App companies have ensured for an exciting month! Doshii has presented at several events including […]

Doshii pitches at the Intersekt Event

by Richard Owens | Nov 21, 2017 | Latest Company Announcements , PR
Last month, Doshii attended the Intersekt Festival in Melbourne, Australia. We were incredibly excited to be invited to this international event and to pitch Doshii. The Intersekt Festival is the biggest Fintech event in Australia. It receives a large amount of support from the Victorian government and is presented by both Fintech Australia and NextMoney. […]

Doshii at the Grant Thornton Bankers Boot Camp

by Richard Owens | Nov 21, 2017 | Latest Company Announcements , PR
Doshii were recently honoured with an invitation to talk at the Grant Thornton Bankers Bootcamp, to showcase Doshii’s business model as well as allowing CEO Sean O’Meara to provide some inspiration to those at the event through talking about his personal work history and how Doshii came to fruition. The Grant Thornton Bankers Boot Camp […]

Tayble now connects to your Hospitality POS Software, saving labour costs and increasing spend per head

by Richard Owens | Sep 26, 2017 | Latest Integrations Archives
Dining out is an Australian tradition and more people than ever before are going to cafes, pubs, restaurants and fast food outlets. However, despite their love of eating out, many people hate having to wait to order and pay. Doshii has joined forces with Tayble, an app that makes eating out fast and simple, enabling […]

Doshii September Update

by Richard Owens | Sep 14, 2017 | Newsletter
Doshii Update Doshii recently completed maintenance patches and deployments. No outage occurred during this process. These improvements include enhancements to web-socket communications with partner apps. The design of our infrastructure has been improved to handle higher transaction capacity. The latest DevOps improvements have also simplified deployments and will result in less downtime and more frequent […]

The 3 big benefits to hospitality venues of Obee and Doshii’s POS integration

by Richard Owens | Sep 12, 2017 | Latest Integrations Archives
Bespoke service at a restaurant is the best it’s ever been – or so you thought. POS Integration company Doshii has joined forces with online reservations platform Obee to make eating out the most personalized and straightforward service yet.   Unrivalled in-house service   A huge benefit of this integration is having knowledge of a guest’s […]

Doshii Pleased to Announce CEO: Sean O’Meara

by Richard Owens | Sep 10, 2017 | Latest Company Announcements , Uncategorized
Doshii is pleased to announce the appointment of Sean O’Meara as CEO. Sean is the founder of Doshii and has 12 years of experience across Point of Sale (POS), Apps, payment and data integrations. This makes him the ideal candidate to help bridge the gap and grow Doshii by connecting Apps and POS. Over the […]

When Is The Right Time To Start Thinking About Reservations Online?

by Greg Williams | Jul 21, 2017 | Uncategorized
It’s a Friday night and you’re looking ahead at your venue’s upcoming reservations. Some people emailed in, you’ve already had a few walk-ins and plenty called up last minute, and there’s that one couple that booked through an app you’ve never even heard of. Managing your reservations usually runs smoothly, but there’s always that one […]


by Greg Williams | May 19, 2017 | Uncategorized
In hospitality, there are three magic words that get thrown around a lot. No, not I love you (although we do hear that from customers every so often). Point of Sale is what everyone’s talking about in the hospitality industry. And for good reason. An online POS is one of your best resources. Think of […]

Doshii and Menulog partner to integrate thousands of Australian hospitality venues at point-of-sale

by Greg Williams | May 03, 2017 | Latest Integrations Archives
Melbourne, Australia, April 2017 – Middleware API platform Doshii has announced a partnership with Australia’s largest online food ordering and delivery platform, Menulog. Through this partnership, Doshii will be able to integrate the Menulog service into any POS on the Doshii API platform, meaning the Menulog ordering process will be even simpler for any hospitality […]

Doshii and Omnivore sign global agreement

by Greg Williams | Apr 21, 2017 | PR
Doshii and Omnivore sign global agreement to unlock innovative integration for apps & payments in hospitality and retail Point of Sale (POS) Melbourne-based hospitality and retail POS API startup Doshii has signed a global agreement with Omnivore in a bid to pave the way for hospitality and retail apps to connect with traditional and cloud-based […]

Reinventure backs Doshii to streamline the Retailer and Hospitality Operator experience

by Greg Williams | Jan 29, 2017 | Latest Company Announcements , PR
Doshii’s middleware API platform enables retail and hospitality Apps to directly connect to Point of Sale (POS). Melbourne, Australia, January 2017 – Melbourne-based Doshii has raised seed financing from Reinventure Fund to accelerate its growth as the only Australian middleware API connecting a marketplace of retail and hospitality apps directly with POS companies. Doshii is […]

Doshii’s year in review

by Greg Williams | Dec 20, 2016 | Latest Company Announcements , Uncategorized
As we come to the end of 2016, it’s always good to sit back and reflect on the year. And for Doshii, what an amazing year it’s been.  We went from being a cool idea, developed out of our investor’s office (kitchen, really), to a fully-fledged, independent business. Our reception in the Australian marketplace could […]

Why we created Doshii

by Greg Williams | Nov 28, 2016 | About Us
Everywhere you look these days, industries are being disrupted by software.  As the famous tech investor Marc Andreessen says ‘Software is eating the world’.  As the image below demonstrates, no industry is safe from the risk of disruption. The Point of Sale (POS) industry is no different.  Of the 100 or so POS providers in […]

New platform helps apps integrate with POS systems

by Greg Williams | Nov 24, 2016 | About Us , PR
A Melbourne-based startup aims to create a marketplace of apps that will work with a wide range of point-of-sale systems. The number of apps targeting the retail and hospitality sector is growing exponentially. From cloud-based accounting packages to reservations or online delivery services, these apps lend a valuable helping hand to many small business owners. […]

A thriving fintech scene starts with POS

by Greg Williams | Nov 24, 2016 | Uncategorized
It starts with POS. According to a recent report, the Australian fintech sector will see a compound growth rate of 76 per cent and reach $4.2 billion by 2020. The Federal Government, regulators and industry have established several initiatives to support investment in fintech and innovation, such as the National Innovation and Science Agenda, ASIC’s […]

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