Doshii hits the ground running in 2018

Doshii hits the ground running in 2018

Here’s a quick roundup of what’s been happening here at Doshii, if you want more real-time updates about our content, follow us on Linkedin and @doshiiAPI.

New Board Members

Doshii is pleased to announce that Michael Starkey & Simon Beckett have been appointed to the Board of Directors at Doshii.


Doshii Simon Beckett Board of DirectorsSimon Beckett

Simon Beckett has experience in leadership roles across financial services in Europe, Asia, US and Australia and brings strong commercial experience in M&A as well as innovation and strategy.


Doshii Michael Starkey Board of DirectorsMichael Starkey

Mr. Starkey co-founded iSelect in 1999 and spent eight years at NAB most recently holding the position as General Manager Deposits and Payments


For the full story check out the Doshii blog – New Board Members appointed at Doshii.


New Guide and Support platforms

We’ve just released two new platforms for our Integration Partners. The Doshii development and support/on-boarding team have released the new platforms aimed at assisting Partners to connect as quickly as possible to the Doshii API and troubleshoot issues and certification with ease.

Our updated Guide provides improved support services and assistance on the integration process with Doshii:

  • Search across all articles including FAQ, API reference and community forums
  • View code examples of API requests and responses
  • FAQ articles on most often asked topics
  • Community forums to discuss integration and suggest new features
  • Contribute to, vote and comment on articles and features
  • Raise and view support requests, and integrate with partner support platforms to manage any potential issues in one place
  • Chat and raise tickets from any of our platforms including Website, Dashboard, Support & Guide.

If you are a Doshii Integration partner, you will already have access to the Support and Guide. If you haven’t signed up yet, click here to get started

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Doshii Dashboard Beta program

In last month’s newsletter, we announced that the new Doshii Dashboard set for release at the end of January. We’re excited to see the Dashboard Beta program in full swing now but it’s not too late to sign-up to get an early look and have your say on the new platform – we’d love your feedback! To get early access to the new dashboard and be part of the Beta program, apply here.

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Doshii partners with Mobecom for airBux api launch

Doshii is excited to announce a partnership with Mobecom for the 2018 launch of the new airBux wallet and loyalty app. ‘Doshii’s venue network is growing and is set to rapidly increase with expansion into ASEAN and South African markets. This expansion is an exciting time and current discussions show high demand for Doshii across these markets which will increase the number off venues Doshii can provide access to.’ Doshii’s CEO Sean O’Meara explains. According to O’Meara and the Doshii team several POS and App companies across Singapore are already integrating their products to the Doshii API platform which will see their available venue market grow by 300% over the coming months.

At launch in Q2 2018 customers of the airBux app and merchants will benefit from full POS integration through Doshii’s platform and will be able to make full use of the ordering, payment and loyalty schemes across multiple venues.

Get started with your App or POS integration with Doshii to expand your feature offering to your customers.

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API Integration Blog Series

Doshii CTO, John Twomey, has been working on a blog series covering all aspects about API Integration. The first articles of the series have been released:

What is API Integration

John outlines what an API integration actually is, a background on how it came to be, and how it’s importance in the modern era.

Read more about it here.

API Integration Basics

Learn about the key features of an API integration from an expert. And how to pull it all together to create a successful integration.

Read more about it here.

If you’re not already signed up to be part of the Doshii Network, click here to get started today.

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