Doshii and Waitrr integration creates a seamless dining experience

Doshii is pleased to announce another App integration. The latest is with Waitrr, a mobile ordering and payments app that creates seamless dining experiences. Partnered with more than 150 food and beverage outlets across Singapore, Waitrr allows customers to select a restaurant on their mobile device, browse the menu, place a customised order, then pay quickly and securely.


Tim Wekezer - Waitrr CEO with Sean O’Meara - Doshii CEO

Tim Wekezer – CEO (left) with Sean O’Meara – Doshii CEO (right)


With Waitrr’s takeaway service, customers can order from their office or home via the app, pay, and choose their preferred collection time. Once they’re at the restaurant, customers simply collect their food without having to queue to order and pay.


This seamless customer experience works just as well for clients who dine-in. They simply order and pay with Waitrr and their orders are sent directly to the POS system and kitchen for preparation via Doshii. Using the QR code on the table at ordering time means their meal is delivered as soon as it’s ready. After customers have finished eating, they may simply leave; There is no need to wait for the bill, making bill splitting a thing of the past.


Automating the time-consuming order taking and payment processes allows restaurants to increase the operational capacity of their staff. This frees them up to focus on providing a more personalised, premium service for guests. And for customers, Waitrr can save up to 18 minutes each day by removing the need to queue, order and pay – allowing them to maximize their lunch breaks!


Endorsing the benefits of the Doshii-Waitrr integration, Jake Pang, Managing Director of Wafuken says, “People in a rush can still have a pleasant experience at your shop instead of giving up queuing altogether.” This experience is sure to have a positive impact on any venue’s bottom line.


The Doshii API, which connects Apps with POS in real-time, supports Waitrr’s high volume quick service restaurant segment.  With the Doshii integration, customer orders go straight into the POS of their restaurant partners, fitting seamlessly into their operation. Customers enjoy the resulting improved frictionless dining experience.


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