Doshii and Omnivore sign global agreement

Doshii and Omnivore sign global agreement to unlock innovative integration for apps & payments in hospitality and retail Point of Sale (POS)

Melbourne-based hospitality and retail POS API startup Doshii has signed a global agreement with Omnivore in a bid to pave the way for hospitality and retail apps to connect with traditional and cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) terminals in a more streamlined manner.

With the integration of both APIs expected to be live in the coming months, brick and mortar venues will soon be able to connect to a standard API and connect a multitude of apps to their POS, including order ahead, reservations, loyalty and payments.

Doshii General Manager David Engel said the agreement is a fantastic outcome for Doshii’s app and POS partners.

“Through the Omnivore integration, our app partners have the ability to connect directly to two of the largest POS systems in the world, NCR and Micros, thus allowing them access to the largest market in the world: the U.S.

“Meanwhile, the merchants of our POS partners will get access to best-of-breed hospitality and retail apps through the Omnivore Marketplace. It’s a win for everyone in the Doshii ecosystem,” said David.

Doshii is a hospitality and retail POS API platform that connects the latest apps and payments products to a venue’s POS through a single integration.

By providing a single integration point into many third party applications, Doshii lets restaurants and retailers take a low-risk approach to testing out new technologies for payments/pay at table services, online ordering, reservations and loyalty.  

In January this year, Doshii received seed investment from the Westpac-backed venture fund Reinventure.

Omnivore CEO and Co-Founder Mike Wior said the partnership between Doshii and Omnivore “creates a symbiotic relationship that extends the reach of Omnivore’s unique open platform API to places it’s never been before,”

“Joining forces with Doshii allows Omnivore to access an expanded marketplace of opportunities and provides both sides with a competitive advantage in an increasingly crowded global restaurant landscape,” he said.

Omnivore, which has been in market in the U.S. since 2014, has had huge success across both the U.S. and Europe.

Since launching to the marketplace last year, Doshii has successfully integrated with three major point-of-sale merchants including Impos, H&L and Starrtec and is in the process of integrating with SwiftPOS, Mezapp and Wisdom POS.

Doshii will now focus its growth on the APAC, including China and India, as well as developing its API further to enable additional app services such as rostering, inventory management, accounting and others.

Both companies will now work together to facilitate connections to POS and apps on a global scale ranging from leading online restaurant delivery, reservation and mobile ordering services, to membership/loyalty, payments and anonymised data.

The agreement between Doshii and Omnivore will allow both companies to focus on integrations with apps and POS within their respective regions, while providing a superior level of integration and development support.

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