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How Doshii simplifies API integration for Apps and POS

How does Doshii work?

  • We simplify the many-to-many relationships of Apps and POS
  • Focused on the Hospitality and Retail Industries
  • Allow App and POS companies to focus on growth
  • Reduce the ongoing development and maintenance costs to hundreds of systems
  • Work closely with developers for simple one-time integration
  • Provide a dashboard to activate, monitor and manage all connections
  • Think of us as a data exchange platform that enables secure, scalable automation between Apps and in-store venues’ POS systems via a standardised API.
  • Doshii allows Apps to view and create orders, complete payments, integrate reservations platforms, improve loyalty programs, as well as create advanced data and analytics solutions.

Doshii Dashboard

  • Connecting Apps & POS with Doshii allows access to the Doshii dashboard to activate, track and monitor all services. This allows you to maintain all of your connections and troubleshoot issues through a real-time data management platform.
  • The dashboard provides an easy way to add new services and integrate with new venues. The Doshii support team is also available through Live Chat and Helpdesk.

How does Doshii help?

Connect Once

Significantly reduce costs and time to a mere fraction of what it would otherwise take to integrate and maintain multiple interfaces.

Common Format

Venue on-boarding becomes a simple and easy process with any venue using Doshii Certified POS, via the POS or Doshii Dashboard

Developers First

Allow your development team to develop core products and not integrating and managing integrations needlessly.


Instant scalability with access to all certified systems via the one robust Doshii cloud platform backed by solid SLA and certification for peace of mind.

Industry Leaders

Doshii certified Apps and POS are actively cross-promoted to each other and venues in the Doshii marketplace.

Simple Pricing

Subscription based pricing, only charged after you go live with your App.



Streamline order ahead apps to communicate directly with POS systems, removing the manual process and improving efficiency.

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Integrate Payment devices direct with POS to improve efficiency and provide a better customer experience and eliminate human errors.

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Provide real time revenue reporting to your customers through your reservations management app.

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Get a deeper insight into your customers spending habits and encourage repeat service with built-in support for various discount, redemption and promotional mechanisms.

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Data & Analytics

Get access to the data across our network to extend the features of your app and provide valuable reporting to your customers.

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Developers first

We pride ourselves on a great developer experience, ensuring the easiest integration you’ll ever make. Our standardised API documentation and integration process coupled with our experienced support team minimize the development lifecycle. Take a look at some of our API endpoints below and access our demo environment by starting a free trial immediately.
  • Order: Request
  • Order: Response
  "consumer": {
    "name": "John Doe",
    "phone": "0404040404",
    "email": ""
  "transactions": [],
  "order": {
    "type": "pickup",
    "surcounts": [],
    "items": [
        "name": "Pepperoni Pizza",
        "unitPrice": "1000",
        "totalBeforeSurcounts": 1000,
        "totalAfterSurcounts": 1000,
        "surcounts": [],
        "options": [],
        "quantity": "1",
        "type": "single"
                  {// Response through Doshii!
    "id": "99377",
    "notes": null,
    "status": "pending",
    "manuallyProcessed": false,
    "locationId": "z4vOqR6M",
    "surcounts": [],
    "type": "pickup",
    "memberId": null,
    "checkinId": null,
    "items": [
            "name": "Pepperoni Pizza",
            "type": "single",
            "uuid": "8d62f133-ad8f-4f33-9b6d-585e22ddeb2f",
            "options": [],
            "quantity": "1",
            "surcounts": [],
            "unitPrice": "1000",
            "lastAction": {
                "appId": "23",
                "audit": "",
                "logId": "dcc0c42f-3afc-45d2-9c44-cc408ada85e0",
                "action": [
                "appName": "Doshii Test App",
                "performedAt": "2018-01-09T03:08:19.990Z"
            "totalAfterSurcounts": 1000,
            "totalBeforeSurcounts": 1000
    "unapprovedItems": [],
    "requiredAt": null,
    "availableEta": null,
    "consumer": {
        "name": "John Doe",
        "email": "",
        "phone": "0404040404"
    "updatedAt": "2018-01-09T03:08:19.990Z",
    "createdAt": "2018-01-09T03:08:19.990Z",
    "invoiceId": null,
    "transactionId": null,
    "tip": "0",
    "payments": [],
    "paySplits": 0,
    "splitWays": 0,
    "payTotal": null,
    "notPayingTotal": null,
    "phase": null,
    "version": "am9PO3ag7DHE9vzJaw7xIqpbqJzanLc011ZdyjB1",
    "uri": ""

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Having access to Point of Sale menu information available via the Dishii API, Blueflow saw the opportunity to provide a convenient solution for businesses to create live digital menus within the Bluflow platform

We don’t need to integrate with multiple POS system one a time. Integrating with Doshii seamlessly integrates Bluflow with POS systems from multiple vendors

Hashi Kaar | CEO of Plycode, Director of Product at Bluflow.

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