Get Connected to Tayble with Doshii – Apps & POS Connected

Tayble is a hospitality app for people who love to order, but hate to wait. Customers can order, pay and eat without leaving their seats. Once customers are inside a restaurant, they can place an order within seconds using their phones.

Placing an order with Tayble
Placing an order with Tayble is easy
  • Shows the correct menu for the time of day, and eliminates unavailable items so orders are always correct.
  • Provides customers with updates on the status of their meal and are automatically processed, securely and instantly using their card.

Once a customer places an order, the POS system has the option to display a notification to the waiter who can confirm the order, before the POS prints the orders to the kitchen or drinks printers – just like any other order entered at the till. Overall, this makes workflows even easier for staff members.