Starrtec has been developing and supporting integrated Point of Sale systems for over 20 years. Specialising in Club, Hotel and Hospitality environments, our venue management solutions provide you with the necessary tools to communicate with and reward your customers, streamline your bar and restaurant operations, manage your staff and control your inventory.

Configuring Doshii with Starrtec

To be able to interact with Doshii a venue must first configure the Venue Token specific to the venue. You can access these configurable options through your Starrtec admin system or back office software. Doshii will supply location tokens on request by the partner application or POS vendor. The Doshii URL must also be set to

To allow Doshii partners access to your venue you will need to supply a location id to them. To get your location Id click on the Get Id button. This will display the unique location id which can then be shared with any partners.

Other Settings

The are several other settings which also need to be configured. These include the Item Discount and Surcharge as well as the Order Discount and Surcharge and the location for all Doshii sales to be linked to. Again these settings can be found in your administration dashboard or back office software under settings.

Orders and Transactions / Payments

Orders from partners will be automatically received by the system and created in the location configured as per the other options section above.

Orders may be received for Delivery or Takeaway. The orders will print automatically to the configured kitchen printers. All orders will include customer information such as name/phone. For delivery, the delivery information including address etc will also be included.

Orders received through Doshii may be pre-paid or for payment on pickup.


When a reservation partner is configured with Doshii all reservations must be made using the partner’s system.

Reservations for the current day will be automatically retrieved an available within the POS system. The reservation details will include the customer name and contact information, the number of seats required and the table that was reserved for the customer. Any new reservations for the current day will also be automatically received and available through the POS System.

More Information

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