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About QFPay

Using the global payment industry data security standard PCI DSS, QFPay provides payment services to customers who prefer to use WeChat Pay, Alipay, Union Pay and other Asian digital wallets. The platform supports both offline, online, mobile and desktop payment methods. QFPay also provides a QR code ordering system which enables customers to scan, order and pay directly from their device.

QFPay & Doshii are better together

QR Code Payment or alternate payment and POS integration is what QFPay is supplying to venues and merchants all over Asia. Using the Doshii API, the QFPay platform is able to provide restaurants with food menus in Chinese through QR code scanning which makes it convenient for travellers who may be hungry but not speak the local language.

Using the existing QFPay payment gateway it would very easy for a shopping cart to be added to a venue app with order quantity and take payment seamlessly while streaming the order the venues existing POS.

The platform is PCI DSS certified which is the global payment industry data security standard. Offline WeChat Pay, Alipay, Union Pay and other Asian digital wallets all integrated to the QFPay platform which processes daily payments in millions of transactions across Asia.

The platform also ensures that when a customer interacts via their WeChat Pay transactions, the customers then automatically follow the merchants’ WeChat Official Account (OA) – the merchant or venue is able remarket to the client in the future. Using the Red packet (Coupon) marketing to bridge the gap between merchants and customers to drive sales after that first transaction.


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