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About PosPay

PosPay is a mobile customer engagement and payment platform for larger hospitality venues.

PosPay & Doshii are better together

PosPay uses location technology that when blended with the customers personal preferences created a bespoke customer experience within the venue. The PosPay mandate is to bring the physical and digital world closer together for the venue patron. This is done from when the customer enters the venue. With PosPay they can eat, drink, shop, watch, enjoy, and play in the real world, and pay on their phone.

Using the Doshii API allows the PosPay platform to take payment seamlessly with a tap from the customer, leading to instant satisfaction, order tracking and delightful user experience. The transaction happens in real-time and the venue doesn’t have to pay merchant fees.

PosPay can run online in realtime or offline with no effect to the patron using its service and brings the worlds of physical and digital together.


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