Get Connected to PosPay with Doshii – Apps & POS Connected

Pospay is an Australian owned and operated mobile customer engagement and payment platform designed to enhance customer experience for large hospitality operations. Through the use of Pospay’s proprietary location technology customer experience can be customised around their personal preferences and where they are located inside a venue.

We’re bringing the best of ecommerce to offline experiences. From the first interaction through to transaction, everything we do brings the physical and digital worlds closer together.

We believe in a world that’s designed to surprise and delight our customers. One that’s augmented, expanded, improved, personalised, and gamified, putting each and every customer at the centre of their own youniverse.

With PosPay you can eat, drink, shop, watch, enjoy, and play in the real world, and pay on your phone.

Online. Offline. The best of both worlds, now even better together.