Get Connected to Order Up! with Doshii – Apps & POS Connected

Order Up! is an online ordering system that enables you to expand your business and increase sales by attracting online customers who can visit your website and place an order online for pre-order, delivery, or pickup 24 hours/7 days a week.

Customers can easily browse your online menu on their desktop or mobile device, and select the items they want to purchase. They even have the ability to customise their order.

Once the order is complete, the customer can choose their preferred payment method such as paypal, credit card or pay on delivery/pickup. The money is transferred directly to you via your own online merchant account, which means no waiting time before you’re paid.

The order is then processed and sent to a printer at your store, which will automatically print a docket containing the order details. Then it’s over to you to prepare the order and have it ready for delivery or pickup. It’s that easy!