Activate Mobi2Go for
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About Mobi2Go

Mobi2Go provides hospitality venues with web and online ordering via the website of the venue or on a mobile device.

Mobi2Go & Doshii are better together

Mobi2Go using either iOS or Android App,connects Facebook ordering direct in to the venues Point of Sale system (POS). Designed to increase revenue, reduce in-store wait time, and improve overall customer experience.

Mobi2Go seamlessly integrates with your current brand, website, and operating system. The application is fully customisable to match your brand and offers a discount engine for special offers and generate voucher codes.

Using Doshii API means that Mobi2Go is able to provide seamless POS and Payment Integration, neither the venue or the patron realises that there is no wait or holdup at the register as the transactions occur frictionlessly.

Mobi2Go offers a dashboard to easily view customer and order data as well as show delivery mapping to define custom zones and add distance limitations for orders under a value to make the sale meet revenue benchmarks.

Using the Doshii API integration Deliveroo accepts payment directly when orders are placed and removes the need for manual double entry at venues. Eliminating the need for staff to service as well as avoid possible errors.

Pay as you go

Connect, access and manage unlimited apps across in-venue ordering, delivery, reservations, rostering + more via the Doshii marketplace.

10c per order

Ordering and Delivery Apps
With a minimum $30 per month

$10 per month

Business Management and reservations
$10 per month per app


  • Unlimited apps
  • Free menu management
  • Doshii Guide
  • Doshii Connect
  • Email support
  • 1hr setup assistance
  • Unlimited online sales and payment apps
  • CommBank customers receive 10% off their entire Doshii bill, every month - forever. No strings attached.
  • Much more...
This offer applies for all new and existing Doshii customers until 30 June 2021 inclusive. From 1 July 2021, standard fees as disclosed here ( will apply for all new and existing customers unless otherwise agreed in writing. This offer may be varied or withdrawn at any time.