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About Mimu

Mimu reduces the wait time for patrons to queue at venues, the app takes order payment automatically and sends a notification for the order to be collected.

Mimu & Doshii are better together

Mimus’ secure payment system reduces transaction processing time and potential accounting errors. The service also frees staff to focus on serving customers quicker and further increasing venues’ profits. Setting up the menu is straightforward and requires very little maintenance.

Doshii API is used to connect the Mimu app directly with the venues POS when an order is placed and is able to take payment and apply a service fee before the order is completed. Patrons and venues love how easy it is to order, pay, notify and collect. Customers love the Mimu app because it saves them time, their order can be delivered directly to their table or a simple notification is sent to the patrons mobile to collect their order directly from the service counter when ready. The app applies a nominal service fee to place the order for this additional convenience and timesaving.

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Have more than 10 venues and require a more customised solution? Contact our business development team to discuss your business needs.