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About HungryHungry

HungryHungry are the industry leaders in contactless ordering.
Offering digital solutions for hospo venues in the means of online ordering, in-venue and out-of-venue, and a full suite of marketing capabilities. HungryHungry’s vision is to create a global community that celebrates a thriving, diverse & sustainable hospo industry providing foodies with adventure filled fork-yeah experiences.

HungryHungry & Doshii are better together

HungryHungry creates a seamless experience for your customer, whether they are in-venue and perusing the digital menu, or out-of-venue and wanting to pick-up and go.

Features such as special dietary filters, top-of-menu featured items, instant online payments, and easy order fulfillments, means you please even the trickiest of customers.

The platform is branded for you, allowing you to showcase the best of your business without hiding behind any other company’s brand.

Become the master of your data with insights into your customers behaviour and instant sales reports, and use AI Marketing to win back your customers, no matter how long it’s been since they last ordered.

Whilst Hungry Hungry is your secret sauce to creating mouth-wateringly great experiences for every customer you serve, the Doshii integration means the experience is super seamless for you too.

Using the Doshii API integration, all data (orders, deliveries, payments, etc.) can be connected straight to your POS – no more manual rekeying of orders with everything in one place.

Ordering and Delivery Plans


Connect all of your online sales and payment apps directly to your kitchen.

  • Free until 30 April 2021
  • Doshii Guide
  • Doshii Connect
  • Email support
  • 1hr setup assistance
  • All Online sales and Payment Apps
Per Venue/Month


Access Digital Menu Management and premium support

  • Free until 30 April 2021
  • Doshii Guide
  • Doshii Connect + Menu Management
  • Premium Support
  • 1hr setup assistance
  • All Online Sales and Payment Apps
Per Venue/Month

Other Plans

Business Management

  • Table Management
  • Time & attendance
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Music & more…
Per Venue/Month/App

Last-mile Delivery

  • Connect your online ordering platforms with specialist dispatch & delivery tracking services
  • Push phone orders immediately through your POS to logistics platforms
Per Venue/Month/App

Need something customised for your business?


Speak to your Doshii Account manager about tailoring a solution that works at scale for you.
  • All premium services
  • Account manager
  • Custom development
  • Tailored pricing